This year I have decided to do something new and that is to have a monthly Spotlight for one of my customers and/or students. These are people who have taken action and are creating their own home business income stream. This might be publishing books on Amazon, creating an Etsy or Shopify store, starting a new blog or setting up their own website or planner business. 

Our next Spotlight for March 2022 is Gipsy Malan from

Gipsy is from South Africa and lost her job due to the pandemic and turned to creating a business online. Here's here responses to my questions. 

Gipsy Malan


Gipsy Malan

1. Please share with us your background, where you run your business from and a bit about yourself.

I am a wife and mom tot a 14 year old boy and a 8 month old baby girl. I live in South Africa. Having been an accountant my entire life, Covid forced me to re-assess my life and seek another career and income. I am a Virtual Assistant to a PLR Provider and a Copywriting coach and slowly building up my low content business. I love love love coffee. I have 3 dogs that basically own the house, we just live here. 

2. What made you want to decide to start your store? What types of products do you create?

When I lost my job during Covid, I started working as a virtual assistant and soon managed to land some jobs with PLR Providers. I've been quietly stalking the PLR world for almost 2 years, and this finally gave me the confidence to put all the Free PLR I had been gathering to good use. I have articles for blog posts in my store but I have started a line of Planners and Journals as well. After taking Sue's Pretty Printables for Profit Course recently, I have fallen in love with the Vintage look and I am hard at work creating lots of Digital and Printable Products in that theme.

3. What’s your favourite tool for creating your content?

I used to prefer Canva, but after taking Sue's course I have fallen in love with PowerPoint. I always thought I had to have fancy software like Photoshop or Affinity, but Sue' course really opened up my eyes to everything PowerPoint is capable of.

4. What advice would you give to anyone just starting out?

Persevere! I have wanted to give up many times. It has taken me over a year of research and creating products and training to make my first sale. The difference between the people who make it and the ones that don't is really just about not giving up.

5. Where do you see yourself and your business in the next five years?

I'd love to be able to retire my husband and provide my children with a future business they can always depend on for recurring income. My big dream is to teach other women in South Africa to build the same business for free. Paying for courses in Dollars is crazy expensive because our exchange rate is 15:1 to the Dollar and a lot of people struggle financially here.

6. Please share anything else you would like us to know about your business.

I'm all about creating value. I'd love for everyone to tell me what THEY want and NEED and I'm do my best to make it happen. I also have a personal use Printable Shop:

7. What’s the name of your store?

Your PLR Shop

8. How can people sign up to your affiliate program?

Gipsy was kind enough to set up a special coupon for us as well. It is set for 25% off everything in her store. Use the code below to select your choices. 

COUPON CODE: SUESLIST 25% Off Everything

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