Sue Fleckenstein

Hi and welcome to my site, Createful Journals. I opened my store in 2019 and it was the best decision I ever made. I love creating the content and my customers love knowing how to use the templates for their own businesses.

I'm Sue, and I love creating journals, planners and printables. What I really enjoy about this is that this type of content is quick and easy to put together. If you want to see your name in print on Amazon, then publish some journals and notebooks.

The aim of Createful Journals is to provide you with templates, tips & processes for creating your own journals, planners, coloring books and printables. When you visit our Store you will see various types of templates that you can use as commercial content. Our license allows you to edit and brand the templates as your own, and then sell your new PDF version. Or upload it to sites like Amazon KDP, Lulu, Shopify, Esty and from your own website.

We have even created a Signature Course that explains this process in detail using PowerPoint. It's so easy to use PowerPoint to move around graphics, create tables and lists and then duplicate pages in a snap.

Now for a little personal info! I live in the Ontario countryside with my husband and our black Labrador mix, Sakima. He's a rescue dog and has been with us for almost 4 years. We have always had dogs and living out in the country is a great place for them to be.

My husband and I have been married for 35 years this May and he has always been super supportive of my business. While I am working on content for Createful Journals he is busy cooking dinner, keeping our woodstove going in the winter months and generally taking care of the house.

We enjoy being outside and are lucky enough to live 10 minutes from a Provincial Park by Lake Simcoe. We walk there as much as possible all year round.

Here's a photo of Sakima enjoying a shady moment by the lake. He's 130 pounds and doesn't enjoy the heat too much, he's part Husky which accounts for his huge chest and strong muscles.

Sakima actually means ‘King' in Japanese and he sure likes to try and be the boss!


If you have any questions or topic requests, we would love to hear from you. Please use our contact form and send us a message.