Please check below for the answers to our most common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Purchases

What are my license rights? 

How do I download my purchase? 

When will my Credit Card be charged?

Why am I being charged a sales tax? What other international taxes or duties do I have to pay?

Why is my coupon code not working? It didn’t get applied. Why?

How do I cancel an order? How do I return it?

What’s your Refund/Exchange policy?

My bonus link is not working. What do I do?

You offered a bonus to another seller’s product; where do I find it?

I lost the access to your course; how do I get it back?

I have a subscription to one of your monthly products. How can I cancel it?

FAQ - New Members

Which of your products should I start with?

What format do the products come in?

Do I need to be a writer?

Do I need design skills?

How can I learn how to use your products better? Do you offer any courses?

Where do I log into the actual membership site?

How do I get access to my purchases?

What software do I need to open files? 

Where can I sell my journals/planners? Can I sell the same on Etsy or my own website as on Amazon?

FAQ - Techincal Issues

How can I prevent image compression when exporting my PowerPoint file to PDF?

Do you have a video showing how to download the fonts in your templates and how to use them?

I purchased a set of your templates and after opening in PowerPoint, it says that: "presentation cannot be edited because it contains restricted fonts" - does this font come with the product, or what do I need to do edit the file?

Can I mix templates from your other products? From other sellers’ products?

What courses do you offer?

What software do I need? Where do I get it?

Are there any free options?