This year I have decided to do something new and that is to have a monthly Spotlight for one of my customers and/or students. These are people who have taken action and are creating their own home business income stream. This might be publishing books on Amazon, creating an Etsy or Shopify store, starting a new blog or setting up their own website or planner business. 

Our next Spotlight for June 2022 is Virginie Vandeuren from OxypDesignPLR.

I am so glad to see that Virginie has a new store and am excited to share it with you all.  Here's her responses to my questions. 

Virginie Vandeuren


Virginie Vandeuren

1. Please share with us your background, where you run your business from and a bit about yourself.

I'm a chemical engineer and I worked as a project manager in the pharmaceutical industry.
During my free time, I loved to experiment my creative side with scrapbooking, drawing as well as gardening.
I live in Belgium, Europe and I love traveling in Europe, Asia, Africa, and I hope soon, in the US.

2. What made you want to decide to start your store? What types of products do you create?

I have been on Amazon KDP since 2019 and when I lost my work in March 2020, (due to the pandemic) I decided to open my own store and not depend entirely on Amazon.
I like coloring books, the coloring images, the planners and all the lovely images we can add to them.
I also like to create mazes and Dot to Dot images for adults and kids.

3. What’s your favourite tool for creating your content?

I mainly work with Photoshop and PowerPoint.  

4. What advice would you give to anyone just starting out?

Just do what you like and do it with love.

5. Where do you see yourself and your business in the next five years?

My dream: to continue to learn constantly and to do what I love.
The sky is the limit 😉

6. Please share anything else you would like us to know about your business.

I find it very rewarding to have people on my list that open my emails, read them, and sometimes answer me.
I try to send them interesting offers in addition to my own printables.
My next step is to have a bonus page to add even more value to my emails.

7. What’s the name of your store?

8. How can people sign up to your affiliate program?

You can join my affiliate program at:

Virginie was kind enough to set up a special coupon for us as well. It is set for 40% off in her store. Use the code below to select your choice and it may be use multiple times. 


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