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Pretty Printables is going to teach you how to create quick journal pages and scrapbook designs that you can add to your journals and planners and to sell on Etsy or from your own website.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome - Pretty Printables Course
Unit 2 Getting Started
Unit 3 Pixel Scrapper Overview
Unit 4 Esty Walk Through
Unit 5 Color Matching & Font Pairing
Module 2 Creating a Scrapbooking Page
Unit 1 Selecting Your Graphics and Pitfalls to Avoid
Unit 2 Creating our Beach Scrapbooking Page
Unit 3 Custom 12 x 12 Page
Unit 4 Print Sizes
Unit 5 Printing Tips
Module 3 Creating the Rose Journal
Unit 1 Rose Journal
Module 4 PowerPoint Shapes
Unit 1 Using Shapes in PowerPoint
Unit 2 Using the Frames and Borders Pack
Module 5 Creating a Journal Page
Unit 1 Mermaid Journal Page
Module 6 Digital Inserts
Unit 1 How to Create and Use Digital Inserts
Module 7 Packaging our Products to Sell
Unit 1 Packaging Up Our Files
Unit 2 Adding Files to Google Drive
Unit 3 Adding Files to Amazon S3
Module 8 Setting Up Our Etsy Store
Unit 1 Trello Board Access
Unit 2 Video Walk Through
Unit 3 Creating our Etsy Video Listing
Module 9 Bonus Video Training
Unit 1 Video Training Ideas
Module 10 Course Feedback
Unit 1 Final Course Feedback
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Sue Fleckenstein

Sue is the owner and creator of Createful Journals. She has developed courses as well as templates to help you build your low content book business. 

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