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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome - Etsy Mockup Toolkit
Unit 2 Navigating the Videos
Module 2 Resources
Unit 1 Graphics and Props
Unit 2 Members Discount
Module 3 Overview of the Mockups
Unit 1 Using the Branding Template
Unit 2 Using the Ribbons and Banner Templates
Unit 3 Walk Through of our Sample Pages
Unit 4 Using the Digital Paper Layouts
Unit 5 Basic Layouts
Unit 6 Using the Bundle Layouts
Unit 7 Styled Layouts
Module 4 Using the Mockups
Unit 1 Getting Started with the Mockups
Unit 2 Using the ReUse Feature
Unit 3 Using the Blank Template
Unit 4 Organizing your Files and Products
Module 5 Creating Your Etsy Video
Unit 1 Using the Video Template
Unit 2 Creating a New Etsy Video
Module 6 Uploading to Esty
Unit 1 How to upload your Images to Etsy
Unit 2 Creating Your Cover Image
Module 7 Course Feedback and Suggestions
Unit 1 Feedback and Suggestions
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