Have you heard of the term PLR, but still find yourself scratching your head trying to understand what the question of What is PLR Content actually means? You are definitely not alone.  If you are a content creator or looking to enter the world of digital marketing you are in the right place. Let's take a look at what PLR content is, including what is a plr product and what to expect when using plr products in general. 

The concept of PLR provides individuals and businesses with access to pre-written or pre-made content. Instead of starting from zero, you get a foundation you can build upon, modify, and claim as your own. Think of it as a shortcut to content creation, but with the freedom to make it uniquely yours.

What is the Meaning of PLR

The term PLR means Private Label Rights, while that's simple enough you probably need more of an explanation. PLR content will come with a PLR License, this license tells you what you can and cannot do with your content. One of the biggest issues with any form of plr content is that there is no one license that fits all PLR Stores or creators. So it's very important to read the license terms before you purchase any plr templates. 

Private Label Rights 

So, what is private label rights? Great question! 

Basically it's a license that allows you to edit the plr content and make it your own. This can mean adding new graphics, rewriting some of the content to make it your own or changing colors and fonts. All of these are simple edits that will save you time and money. Plus the biggest advantage is that you can resell your newly created product as your own. 

When you resell your new content you are not reselling it as PLR, instead you are selling your new version with personal use rights to your customers. The most common example would be taking a PLR report and making changes to it. Once finished you will sell your new report as a PDF file. 

Master Resell Rights

What are Master Resell Rights? This varies in that you are allowed to sell on the editable PLR templates that you just purchased to your customers. This means giving them access to the editable files. Again, always check the PLR License that came with your pack. If you have any questions just email the PLR Store for clarification. 

Types of PLR Products 

What are PLR products and what forms do they come in? PLR content is available in so many forms and within those listed below you will find so many niche specific items such as Planners for Moms, Homesteading Checklists, Affirmation Card templates, blogging planners and more. 

bridal shower planner plr
Bridal Shower Planner PLR is just one type of PLR

As you can see below PLR content comes in various forms: 

  1. PLR Templates in a wide variety of topics and forms such as weekly planners, to do lists, appointment lists
  2. PLR Printables 
  3. PLR Articles 
  4. PLR eBooks 
  5. PLR Videos 
  6. PLR Graphics
  7. PLR Courses
  8. PLR Lead Magnets 
  9. PLR Blog Posts 
  10. Free PLR Content 
  11. PLR Social Media Templates 
  12. PLR Spreadsheets
  13. PLR Apps and Software
Who should be using PLR content

Who Should be Using PLR Content

For digital content creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers, PLR is like a secret weapon in their arsenal. Why? Because the digital world thrives on fresh and relevant content. Bloggers need regular posts, marketers require new material to promote, and entrepreneurs often look for resources without breaking the bank. PLR allows them to have consistent content without always having to start from scratch. By personalizing PLR content, they can adapt it to their specific audiences and branding, ensuring their online presence remains robust and dynamic.

If you create online courses then you can use plr content to actually create the majority of your online course. Using PLR to create a course helps speed up the time it takes to actually create the course. Plus it allows you to fill in any gaps. For example adding PLR Spreadsheets for things like a Social Media Planner, or  Business Expense Tracker gives your students more value. Plus you don't have to spend the time creating the spreadseets. 

Digital Product creators love to use PLR as a starting point and this allows them to create printables, ebooks, reports, blog posts and more to sell or to just use in their business. 

what is PLR Content

What is PLR Content

Imagine you're making a scrapbook. Instead of crafting each decorative piece yourself, you buy a kit with designs ready to use. That's similar to PLR content. It's material that you can buy, modify, and claim as your own. This content comes in various forms – from articles to videos, eBooks, graphics, templates and more!

Types of private label rights content

Alternatively you want to create a planner. You can use plr content such as calendars, to do lists, weekly & monthly planners, appointment scheduler, goal setting checklists and more. Combine all of these layouts into a unqiue planner that you can call your own. You brand it with your business logo and colors, add an about me page and then sell it to your customers, or add into a membership site. 

Basically PLR content is a package of editable files that you can rebrand to suit your own business and then sell to your customers. It's an easy way to build your own products to sell, or use to create items such as Lead Magnets to help you build your email list. 

Benefits of Using PLR Content

  1. Time-saving: No need to start from scratch! PLR content gives you a starting point that you can build upon.
  2. Cost-effective: Think about it – instead of hiring a writer or designer, you get pre-made content at a fraction of the price.
  3. Flexibility: You can twist, turn, and tailor it to fit your brand or voice.
  4. Multipurpose: Fancy selling it? Go ahead! Want to give it away as a bonus? Sure thing! The sky's the limit.
Benefits of using PLR content

Finding Quality PLR

As with any type of product not all PLR products are created equally. You want to make certain that you are buying PLR content from reputable sellers. The best way to find these are to ask fellow online marketers for recommendations. There are many plr websites selling content and it's up to you to do your due dillegence. Most websistes that are selling private label rights content will have some free PLR available. This is a fantastic way to test out content from plr sellers and see what style of content you prefer. 

How Do You Choose PLR Content

When it comes to choosing what plr content to use you want to take a few things into consideration: 

  1. What type of editable content are you looking for? Articles, templates for planners, calendars, social media templates or more..
  2. What format is the PLR content available in? This could be PowerPoint or Canva Templates, Indesign Templates, Photoshop or Affinity files. 
  3. What are the PLR License rights? Any good PLR seller will have their license terms on their website along with including it into a License file that comes with your package. The plr seller should be easy to contact. Try sending them a message or find them on social media. If they don't respond then I would be wary of using their content. 
  4. Ask for recommendations from other online marketers. I am always happy to refer people to sellers when I can. 
  5. Check for sales. This is a great way to test out content to see if you like their style and if their content is in fact easy to edit.
  6. Make sure that you get easy to edit templates. The most popular formats are PowerPoint and Canva Templates, along with Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Spreadsheets. 
  7. Make a list of what type of content you need. A blogger may need different plr content to someone who offfers coaching services. 

White Label Rights

Are white label rights and plr products the same? On the whole they are the same thing. One thing you may notice with products for sale using White Label Rights is that they have no graphics or branding associated with them. Many of these white label rights products are in the form of articles or videos. 

With PLR products you will usually notice that the seller has added graphics to their templates. This gives a more visual appeal to the product and can result in getting more sales. Colored templates can still be edited and it's easy to use Canva to change colors in one easy edit. 

Many people prefer to start with a eye pleasing design and find that it sparks their creativity. While others prefer a more minamilist or black and white template to start with. It's just a matter of using the templates you find the easiest to work with. 

My 90 Day Personal Growth Plan

Is PLR Duplicate Content

I get asked this question a lot and no PLR is not duplicate content. It is content that allows people to edit and rebrand to suit their purposes. 

Here's a great explanation about Duplicate Content.

When using content on your site make sure you don't duplicate a post into a page with the exact same text on it, this would be considered duplicate content. 

Definition and PLR Basics:

PLR content, this is a short form for the term Private Label Rights content, it is essentially a licensing arrangement between the seller and the purchaser. When you purchase PLR content, you're buying specific rights to content created by someone else. This means that once you've bought it, you have the freedom to use it, modify it, and distribute it as though you were its original creator. You can put your brand on it and claim it as your own.

You may not resell the editable files. By this we mean the PowerPoint or Canva templates that were included in your purchase.

Differentiating Between PLR and Original Content:

Now, you might wonder how PLR content differs from original content. Original content is material that you or someone you hire specifically creates from scratch, unique and first-hand. PLR content, on the other hand, is pre-created content that can be sold to multiple buyers. The key distinction is that while original content is exclusive to you, PLR content can be owned by many – but with the liberty to be modified, it can be transformed to appear as unique.

Understanding Private Label Rights

What is PLR Content? Let's do a quick recap so you can make sure you understand what using PLR means in your business and marketing efforts. 

  • Use PLR products to help you create content for your business. This can be in the form of turning PLR articles into a Report or Ebook that you sell to your customers. 
  • Use PLR articles as a base for your blog posts and then add your own content to the material, great way to write longer blog posts.
  • PLR products can become a Lead Magnet that you use to build your list. 
  • PLR templates can be used to help build your social media presence online. 
  • Use plr products to market your business by giving away freebies and gifts. 
  • Use plr articles to help you write blog posts and guest posts to expand your reach and to get found by search engines. 
  • Always take the time to make changes to your plr templates, so you can stand out from the crowd. 
  • PLR content can help you stock your shops and online stores with ebooks, printables, reports, children's activities and more. 
  • PLR can help you save money – freelancers and graphic designers aren't cheap and it's easy to make a few changes to your templates. 
  • Always abide by the rules of the PLR seller. 

Overall I enjoy creating and selling PLR Content to my customers. While using PLR content is a great business resource, so is creating and selling PLR templates to other business owners. Take a look at my PLR store so you can get an idea of what types of products are available. Keep in mind that PLR Content covers so many niches, this is just a sampling of what you can find available. 

I am so glad to see that you have read this far, thank you! Hopefully you have a better understanding of the term ‘What is PLR Content', and can start using it in your own business. Please share this post with your friends, Pin the image below.

What is PLR Content?

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