When you download a pack of PLR templates you may find you feel overwhelmed with the amount of content the pack contains. Let's take a look at some simple ways to use PLR, instead of letting it sit on your hard-drive collecting digital dust.

What is PLR Content?

Let's do a quick recap of what plr is. PLR stands for Private Label Rights content and this is a license from the seller that allows you to brand and edit this content and then resell or giveaway your new products. You are not reselling it as PLR content, you are giving your customers a PDF version of what you have created. this allows them to use it for their personal use only.

Using PLR is a great way to build out your own business products quickly. PLR Products are a great starting point when it comes to creating new content.

Simple Ways to Use PLR

Simple Ways to Use PLR

  1. Ebooks & Reports:
    • How to Use PLR Reports & PLR Ebooks: Using PLR is one of the best simple ways to use PLR. Bascially you are repurposing PLR articles or content into comprehensive eBooks or reports. You can create or customize the cover, add your branding, and distribute them as lead magnets or even sell them on platforms like Amazon KDP or on Lulu.
    • Don't rule out creating Workbooks from your plr content as well. Workbooks differ from ebooks and reports as they usually have worksheets, notes or fields to fill in. The workbooks can be printed out to be written in. Or they could be in the form of an editable PDF that allows the user to type in their thoughts. Or you can create Digital Workbooks that are used in Apps such as Goodnotes.
  2. Educational Courses:
    • PLR Courses: Use PLR content as a foundation for creating online courses. Add your insights, videos, or interactive elements to make it unique and offer it on platforms like Udemy, Teachery, or on your website. There are several Wordpress plugins that help you create courses easily.
  3. Social Media Content:
    • PLR Content for Social Media: If you work online you know how important social media can be for marketing your products and business. It's easy to find social media plr templates. Simple ways to use this PLR is to break down the PLR articles into bite-sized tips, quotes, or infographics. Share them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to boost engagement and visibility.
    • Many plr sellers now offer editable templates on Canva that you simply add in your own images, brand colors, logo and bam, you have your own customizable templates that you can use over and over again.
  4. Email Newsletters:
    • PLR for Emails: It is possible to find PLR content to use in your email campagins. Use PLR content as a base for your email campaigns. Modify it to fit your audience's needs and interests, ensuring your subscribers always receive fresh and relevant content.
    • Remember that you don't have to use any type of PLR content as it is. We are trying to put in place simple ways to use plr. So take an article and extract snippets and paragraphs that fit in with your email.
    • Use PLR as a basis to write your emails. You may find that once you start using pieces of the content you get inspired and in no time have a full email written.
  5. Podcast & Video Scripts:
    • PLR Templates: One simple way to use this type of PLR is to convert PLR articles into scripts for podcasts or videos. You can then record them and publish on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and TikTok or podcast hosting sites.
    • If you are interested in these types of templates, they are super popular for using in Canva. Try looking for video templates. This way the timings and animations are all set for you. It's just a matter of switching out the images, colors & fonts if you wish.
  6. Website & PLR Blog Content:
    • Easy to Use PLR Method: Have you ever spent hours and hours trying to create fresh content for your website or blog? It can be so time consuming and frustrating! By using blog PLR it's easy to refresh old blog posts or supplement your content strategy by integrating and customizing PLR articles for your website or blog.
    • Don't forget to look at other forms of PLR content such as reports and workbooks. Break them down into smaller portions to create blog posts. Or use a longer report as a basis for a content series on your blog.
  7. Printable Resources:
    • Simple Ways to Use PLR : This just has to be my favorite way of using PLR content. To find this type of content do a search for PLR Templates. These templates will help you create planners, journals, worksheets, or checklists using PLR content. These can be distributed as bonuses, sold, or offered as opt-in incentives for email sign-ups.
    • You will find people selling this type of content on sites like Etsy, on their Shopify stores or own websites. Or on Teachers Pay Teachers.
    • PLR Templates can be used to quickly create digital products. They don't have to contain lots of pages. Some of the best selling templates are just two or three pages long.
  8. Membership Site Material:
    • Great Tip: Offering a membership is a fantastic way to create a passive income. Offer exclusive content on your membership site using PLR as a base. Regularly update or rotate the content to keep members engaged and retained.
    • A word of caution here. If you are going to add PLR content to your membership, check that the license allows this. Some sellers don't allow their content to be added to a membership, of course you can not use it in a PLR Membership. Techically you would be reselling plr content and this is not generally allowed.
  9. Webinars & Presentations:
    • Speed Up Creation Time: If you need to create webinar and presentation content then you definitely should consider utilizing PLR content to structure the content for your webinars or presentations. Enhance it with your insights, examples, and case studies to add value.
    • PLR presentations come with animations and timings included. This is a huge time saver in itself. You may find this type of content in PowerPoint or as Canva templates.
  10. Niche Kits or Bundles:
  • Making Money with PLR: When it comes to simple ways to use plr this is another favorite. Having bundles of content allows you to really add value to your offers. You can easily combine various PLR products (e.g., articles, graphics, templates) to create niche-specific kits or bundles. These can be sold or given away as comprehensive solutions for specific audience needs.
  • For example you could create a Homeschooling Bundle of products. Add basic articles, a homeschooling planner, calendars for both student and parent, graphics, social media content and more. While you can sell each items individually, bundling them into a bigger niche pack makes it more attractive for your customers. Along with the money that they can save.

As you can see there are lots of simple ways to use PLR that can be a huge benefit to your business. I love using PLR to create new products and content quickly. PLR can help you build a huge library of your own products in a short amount of time.

You can use PLR products to create new versions by just changing out a few things such as fonts, graphics and colors.

One of my biggest tips for simple ways to use plr is to mix and match your PLR Templates. If you have a calendar pack for example mix it with some daily planner templates, to do lists, appointment trackers, health tracker, grocery lists and more.

This allows you to create multiple products by using several packs. Then don't forget to niche down your content. Create a Homeschool Planner for Teachers along with one for Students. It's basically the same content with just a few changes.

By using PLR and your creativity it won't be difficult to discover your own simple ways to use plr. Let me know your favorite ones in the comments below.

Simple Ways to Use PLR

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