I recently purchased some fantastic training on how to create digital planners using PowerPoint. The one issue I was facing was how to test them out? Digital Planners are created specifically for mobile devices and while I have an iPhone, I am not running a Mac at home. 

You need to beable to upload a PDF version of your completed planner to your iphone. While you could upload it via email and then open it on your iphone that way, that can be time consuming especially if you have a slower internet connection. 

Is there a way to access the iCloud from your Windows computer?  

Well apparently there is and for some reason Apple doesn't advertise it that much. You can actually access your iCloud via your Windows PC. 

Installing iCloud Drive on Windows 10

Your first step is to download the iCloud drive for Windows – Do that here

Follow the instructions to download and install. You will need to log in with your Apple ID – use the same ID as your device. 

This window will then open. To sync check-mark the items you want to sync and click on the options and set the options you wish. Then hit apply. 

To find your folders go to the Start Menu and look for iCloud New and you will see all the new files and folders associated with this App. 

Click on iCloud Drive to open it and this is where you can simply drop and drag your PDF version of your Digital Planner. You may want to Pin this folder to your desktop to make it easier to find. 

If you want to upload images or stickers to use make sure you put those into your iCloud Photos – you may want to create a folder just for that. 

To get the Digital Planner to work on your iPhone or iPad you will need to install the Goodnotes App,  it cost me $10.99 CDN to install. 

After installing and opening up Goodnotes you can import your PDF Planner. 

Select the Add sign and go to Import – this will take you to your iCloud Drive where the planners will be that you added from your PC. 

To add an individual sticker click the Image Icon from the Planner and this will connect to your iPhotos so you can select the images you need. 

I am still finding my way around Goodnotes but so far it seems pretty easy to use, even on my iPhone. You can write on the lines, change colors and more. While my iPhone is small I can get a good sense of how the planners look and make sure the hyperlinks are working correctly.  Guess it will be time to get an iPad in the near future. 

If you have any questions please let me know and if you are interested in learning how to create Digital Planners using PowerPoint for yourself or to sell on places like Etsy then check out this training below. 



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