So, you want to build a journal business but are feeling frustrated when it comes to creating the actual product. First you have to decide on a topic, then find suitable graphics, next is creating the interior file and on top of that a nice looking ecover! Who wont' get frustrated when first starting out? I have wonderful news for you today, there is a new Kickstart Journals and Planner product that can help you overcome all of this.

The Kickstart product is one that I have created with Di Heuser. We teamed up together to offer this easy way to start your journal business.

Each month you get a set of templates and covers that come in various formats.

  • Word Journal
  • PowerPoint Journal
  • Editable PDF

You also get 5 covers each month:

  • JPG file
  • Photoshop PSD file
  • Editable PDF files

The main journal comes in 8.5 x 11 inch, but with our training videos we show you how to re-size them into 6 x 9 and 8 x 10 as well.  The training shows you how to do this using Adobe Reader.

When you join our program you get access to the 1st Month's content plus the current months. Then for as long as you remain a member you will get each new month's content delivered on the first of the month.

Here's a look at the Sept pack:

I wanted to show you how easy it is to edit this planner and create your own version, so here's a video tutorial for you.

YouTube video

Remember too, with the 5 covers each month you can easily create new versions with the same interior.

Because we give you the Word and PowerPoint templates you can edit these as well to create even more journals and planners. You could switch out the graphics, change the color scheme, add some additional pages or even add coloring pages to them to make them unique.

Using the Kickstart Journals and Planner system you can get a huge jumpstart on your new business. With the Christmas and New Year season just around the corner now is the time to be building your inventory. Whether it's to add to your own website, to an Etsy store or to publish at places like Amazon KDP and Lulu, this content is going to make your life easier.

Click here to join our Kickstart Journals and Planners today. 

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  1. Tess Schmigiel says:

    Hi Sue,
    I’m just getting started. I purchased the 2019 planner, and also the ending the year strong planner.
    I am also taking your course… I’m not sure where to access my stuff – is that just via email?
    And I’m confused.. is the Kickstart different from the 2019 planner?
    thanks for your help!

    1. Tess Schmigiel says:

      Also I keep losing the link for getting the daily “30 days of templates” can you please send that to me?
      thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Carl Poland says:

    Hi Sue, I’m new to journals and discovered this and bookaday system at the same time. Bookaday looks a bit dated but seems to have more content readily available. What are the differences between the two and why would I join this membership over bookaday? Big question but I think it’s important. Thanks.

    1. Sue Fleckenstein says:

      Hi Carl
      The main difference between the two is that Kickstart gives you an Editable PDF, so the journal or planner is ready to go and you can just customize certain portions and then it’s ready to use. We also supply the source files so you can make changes to create further journals or planners as well. Book a Day is basically JPEG images that you have to insert into a document and then use. It’s been around for just over a year now. Hope that helps.

  3. Caroline Da Silva says:

    Hi Sue!
    Can you clarify whether or not this membership will contain different designs and patterns that the “Book-A-Day System” membership – I’m interested but don’t want to purchase duplicates.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Keep on Creating!

    1. Sue Fleckenstein says:

      Hi, thanks for the question and yes the content is different, it may have a similar theme but that is all.

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