We have recently started to add Digital Planners into our Store and several customers have been asking for more information on what these are, how to use them and if they should add them into their business. 

So let's get started so you finally have a good understanding of Digital Planners and what they are. 

Digital Planners

The quick explanation is: Digital Planners are used on mobile devices such as an iPad, iPhone and Android phones & tablets. They use a PDF Annotated App such as Goodnotes or Notability. Users then import their planner as a PDF and can then use it. A user can add or delete pages as they like and navigate the planner by using hyperlinks.

The iPad Pro together with an Apple Pencil is one of the most popular combinations. The Apple Pencil makes it easy to write on the iPad, but it is possible to type in text as well. 

Digital planners are easy to carry around which is one of the reasons they are becoming so popular. Another reason is that they leave less clutter around than a printed planner or journal. Everything is nicely concealed inside your iPad or iPhone which you normally have close by. 

Digital Planners can be colorful and they can be decorated and edited by the end user. Compare this to a physical planner that you have to carry with you. You cannot easily add your own pages, or move the pages around to your preference. Plus each year you have to purchase a new one. 

With a digital planner you can purchase one planner and then customize it as you like. Each year you can delete the old pages, duplicate new pages and you are ready to go.  It's easy to move pages around in any order so you will never run out of room. 

Digital Stickers

This is another fun aspect of digital planners. They come with stickers, or images with no backgrounds so you can place them on any page you like, in any manner you wish.  Stickers can also be purchased separately making it easy to decorate with the seasons, in your favorite colors, add your own flowers and icons and more. 


One of the most confusing things about digital planners is the terminology. All of a sudden you see words such as hyperlinks, Apps and tabs and wonder what they all mean! 

Hyperlinks – just like a hyperlink on the internet that takes you to another website. A hyperlink inside the digital planner will take you to another page or section in the planner. 

So instead of having to scroll to page 50 to find your Menu Planner, you would go to the Contents page and click on the Menu Planner section to take you there in one click. 

Tabs – A tab is similar to a tab in a binder and separates sections. 

Apps – These are applications that allow you to read and use your planners on a different device. Just like any App that you use on your phone or laptop for shopping, accessing your email etc. 

Goodnotes and Notability are two of the main apps that allow you to use your planner on your mobile device. These are paid Apps, but are around $10 each U.S. at the time of writing and they are lifetime payments. 

These Apps are fully functional and give you more than just a Notes type of planner. You can edit the planner, add text, insert shapes, lines and photos, include colors, change the cover of your planner and more. So they are super versatile. 

If you have seen a PDF version of a planner, take this one step further with being able to add pages, edit pages, delete pages, move pages and more. 

Digital Planner Templates

You can find lots of digital planner templates and digital assets for your planners. This makes it easy to customize. See our Digital assets on our store. 

When you purchase a digital template from our store you will receive the PowerPoint templates. This allows you to customize any of the features first. For example you could change out the colors, add more pages as you like. 

Once you are happy with the planner then you simply save it as a PDF file. This is the file that you then import into Goodnotes or Notability. The App works it's magic and turns the PDF into a usable planner. 

Once inside the app you will have the ability to duplicate pages, add pages and move pages around. Plus you can add any stickers or images you like to the planner. 

Here's a tutorial on how to import the PDF into Goodnotes. 

Take a look inside one of my digital planners here: 

Monthly Digital Planner

This is the best Digital Planner course around, if you are looking at learning how to create your own planners to sell. 

If you are interested in learning how to create Vintage style planners and templates for your Etsy store, be sure to check out our brand new Pretty Printables Course too. 

Cream Vintage Rose

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