Learn how to start building a list. Course will cover creating a Lead magnet, how to host it on your site and how to connect all those technical pieces.

Module 1 Introduction List Builders Action Plan
Unit 1 Tools and Resources Used
Unit 2 Getting to Know You
Unit 3 Deciding on Your Shop or Website
Unit 4 Special Notices
Module 2 Creating a Lead Magnet
Unit 1 Weekly Planner Lead Magnet Template
Unit 2 Editing the Weekly Template
Unit 3 Designing a New Lead Magnet
Module 3 Delivering Your Files and Products
Unit 1 Saving and Organizing Your Files
Unit 2 Storage Options
Unit 3 Amazon S3
Unit 4 Amazon S3 Files and Buckets
Unit 5 Google Drive
Unit 6 Dropbox
Module 4 Convert Kit Training
Unit 1 Sign Up for Convert Kit
Unit 2 Landing Pages
Unit 3 Forms
Unit 4 Understanding Tags
Unit 5 Understanding Segments
Unit 6 Creating Automations for Tags
Unit 7 Setting Up a Visual Automation
Unit 8 Setting up a Rule
Unit 9 Your First Sequence
Unit 10 Email Templates
Unit 11 Sending out your first email
Module 5 Add Your Lead Magnet to Your Website
Unit 1 Lead Magnet Pages
Unit 2 Creating Download Pages
Unit 3 Creating Pages in WordPress Editor
Module 6 Creating Basic Videos
Unit 1 Video Basics
Unit 2 Using PowerPoint to Create Video's
Unit 3 Creating a Flip Book
Module 7 Amember Training
Unit 1 Basic Overview of Amember
Unit 2 Forms Editor
Unit 3 Affiliate Program Set Up + Basics
Unit 4 Shopping Cart Features
Unit 5 Creating Add On Products
Unit 6 Adding a Product to Amember
Unit 7 Protecting Your Content
Unit 8 News Letters and Welcome Emails
Unit 9 Creating Coupon Codes
Unit 10 Adding a Membership
Module 8 Bundle Sales
Unit 1 Get Featured
Unit 2 Student Showcase Submission Form
Unit 3 Bundle Mockup Template
Unit 4 Bundle Submission Form
Module 9 List Building Events
Unit 1 Events List
Unit 2 How to Fill out the Bundle Submissions Form
Module 10 Email Sequence Templates
Unit 1 Basic Email Template
Unit 2 Bundle Giveaway Event Sequence
Module 11 Bonus Training
Unit 1 Warrior Plus Training
Unit 2 WordPress Training – Basics
Unit 3 Your Feedback
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About the author 

Sue Fleckenstein

Sue is the owner and creator of Createful Journals. She has developed courses as well as templates to help you build your low content book business. 

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