Discover easy ways to customize your journal and planner templates to create brand new products.
By the end of this course you will have the skills to take a editable template and then brand and edit it into a brand new product you can sell from your website.

Module 1 Course Overview
Unit 1 Welcome to Createful Creating in PowerPoint
Unit 2 PowerPoint PDF
Unit 3 Basic Overview of Powerpoint
Unit 4 Practice with PowerPoint
Module 2 PowerPoint Tips & Tricks
Unit 1 Template Resources
Unit 2 Design Choices
Unit 3 Basic Changes
Unit 4 Fonts
Unit 5 Shapes
Unit 6 Sketched Edges
Unit 7 Creating Your Own Templates
Unit 8 Margin Settings
Unit 9 Creating a New Journal
Unit 10 Creating a Grey Scale Template
Unit 11 Let’s Talk Images
Unit 12 Using the Crop Tool
Unit 13 Saving In High Resolution
Unit 14 Saving Your Templates
Unit 15 Creating a Moms Planner
Unit 16 Feedback
Module 3 Options for Selling Your Journals and Planners
Unit 1 Selling Overview
Unit 2 Selling on Etsy
Unit 3 Selling on Gum Road
Unit 4 Selling on Shopify
Unit 5 Lulu Guides
Module 4 Selling From Your Website
Unit 1 Website Introduction
Unit 2 Using Thrive Architect
Unit 3 No Cost Page Builder
Unit 4 Adding Buy Buttons
Unit 5 Customizing Your Colors & Branding Guide
Module 5 Marketing Your Content
Unit 1 Discovering Your Target Market
Unit 2 Building Your List with Giveaway Events
Unit 3 Pinterest Tips & Templates
Module 6 Advanced PowerPoint
Unit 1 Introduction to Using Tables
Unit 2 Creating and Editing Calendars
Unit 3 Creating Note Pages
Unit 4 Merging Templates Into One
Unit 5 Creating a Product Tag
Unit 6 Creating Fun Icons
Unit 7 Creating Checkboxes
Unit 8 Working with SVG Files
Unit 9 Adding Page Numbers in PowerPoint
Unit 10 Creating a Promotional Video in PowerPoint
Unit 11 Using the Slide Master
Module 7 Publishing on Amazon KDP
Unit 1 Using the KDP PowerPoint Templates
Unit 2 Uploading to Amazon KDP
Unit 3 How to Check Your Image Resolution
Unit 4 Creating a PDF Book Cover
Unit 5 Creating Covers with PowerPoint
Unit 6 Creating a Composition Notebook Cover
Unit 7 Bleed and Non Bleed
Module 8 Step by Step Lulu Publishing Updated 2021
Unit 1 Getting Started with Lulu
Unit 2 Creating our Planner
Unit 3 PowerPoint Files - Sizes
Unit 4 PowerPoint Files – Set Up
Unit 5 Create Your Project
Unit 6 Setting Interior Options
Unit 7 Designing and Uploading the Cover
Unit 8 Using the Lulu Cover Creator
Unit 9 Creating Your Cover in Canva
Unit 10 Writing Product Descriptions
Unit 11 Adding our Book Details
Unit 12 Final Course Feedback
Module 9 Publishing on Lulu
Unit 1 Getting Started with Lulu
Unit 2 Selecting Your Book Size on Lulu
Unit 3 How to Fix the DPI image
Unit 4 Creating Your Cover for Lulu
Unit 5 Checking Your Journal File
Unit 6 Editing Your Journal
Unit 7 Revise Your Journal
Unit 8 Bonus Creating a New Journal for Lulu
Module 10 Fillable PDFs
Unit 1 Fillable PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Pro
Unit 2 Creating a Fillable Calendar
Unit 3 Creating a Simple Check Box List
Unit 4 Creating Fields in Multiple Pages
Unit 5 Advanced Tips for Faster Field Creation
Unit 6 Fillable PDFs using PDF Escape
Module 11 Creating Printables
Unit 1 What is a Printable?
Unit 2 Creating a Simple Printable
Unit 3 Creating Printables with a Border
Unit 4 Creating Printables from a Full Journal
Unit 5 Preparing Your Printable Files
Module 12 Digital Planners
Unit 1 What is a Digital Planner
Unit 2 How to Create Hyperlinks
Unit 3 Walk Through of a Digital Planner
Unit 4 Digital Planner Resources
Module 13 Bonuses
Unit 1 Photoshop Training
Unit 2 Final Course Feedback
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About the author 

Sue Fleckenstein

Sue is the owner and creator of Createful Journals. She has developed courses as well as templates to help you build your low content book business. 

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