When you think about journals, you may think of the blank leather covered books found in most bookstores and gift shops. The truth is, journals have changed a lot over the last few decades. There are now numerous types of journals themed for everything from weight loss to spiritual goals. If you aren't sure what journal may work best for you, or what journals are even available, consider these five options.

Devotional Journals

Devotional journals are one of the most popular selling journals. Keep in mind, these are not themed for a specific religion or spiritual practice. The niche group of devotional journals are available for nearly every religion and offer a similar set-up across the board. You will find a scripture, passage, or quote and then given the space to write about your thoughts related to the daily thought or passage. This can help you work through your spiritual issues or attain spiritual and religious goals you may have.

Weight Loss Journals

Weight loss journals are a bit different than most journals. These are set up in a way where you can quickly jot down your weight loss goals and achievements for the day. Things like what you ate, how long you worked out, what kind of workout you completed, and your weight can all be noted for the day. There are usually checklists for this and a small area for you to write down your thoughts for the day or regarding your workout.

Wreck Journals

Wreck journals are journals that give you tasks to do each day of the journal. Some of these are writing while others may be drawing, coloring, or even ripping out the page and throwing it away. The idea behind these journals is to get stress out of your system while being more creative and opening yourself up to new ideas.

Goal Planning Journals

Goal planning journals help you focus on your goals and stick to them through a series of prompts and checklists. The trick to these journals is the variety available. The journals are themed to different goals such as career, church, children, weight loss, or blogs. Depending on the journal theme, you may have a checklist with a small writing area or prompts giving you tasks to complete and thoughts regarding those tasks.

Bullet Journals

Bullet journals are the sandbox of journaling. You can use these with calendars, lists, bullet lists, and task lists. It is all open for you to create and use different methods to arrive at your short term and long term goals. One of the things to consider with these journals are how to note your bullet lists. You can use different symbols for different tasks and each month you move the tasks you did not complete over, leave off tasks you no longer are interested in, or move tasks in priority.

These are the four most popular journals currently on the market. There are actually hundreds of journal types available. Just think of what your goals for journaling are and then begin the search for the right journal for you. There is one out there for nearly every goal and every journaling level.

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