NEW Course! "Pretty Printables for  Productivity & Profit" Scrapbooking & Journal Content Product Creation

  • Do you dream of putting your artistic talents to profitable use online? 
  • Do you have a passion for printables – scrapbooking, journaling, planners and more?
  • Are you searching for new and exciting ideas for how to profit from your creations?

Get Your Own, Online Storefront Chock Full of Pretty, Printable Low Content Products.

At Createful Journals, we’ve set a goal to get you up and running by fall 2021.

Low content continues to wow the world with HOT profit potential.

In fact, this market is exploding like never before. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get your designs out there and make some great cash while meeting the needs of a group of eager and ready buyers… my creative and low content producing friends, now is the time.

WHY, when so many other niches are struggling, is the low content market booming?

Worldwide, 2020 markeds the year that people have taken to the safe havens of their homes. They’re managing, juggling and balancing various aspects of their lives like never before. All of this together with family, under one roof.

In the same way that pool supplies are flying off the shelves, planners and printables are seeing all kinds of attention in this new economy.

WHY do Pretty Printables Rock?

Moms have been tasked with the near-impossible. But, like always, your audience of achievers is taking it in stride. To busy moms balancing many roles; planners, journals and supporting products have never been more appealing OR useful.

  • Their visual appeal inspires us
  • They help us plan and organize our lives better
  • They’re wonderful for making and preserving memories
  • They help us move through emotional challenges
  • They can become an information reference and teaching tool
  •  They’re useful in tracking personal development

Working with printables such as journals, scrapbooks and planners engages the mind and hands - which relieves stress in a BIG way. We ALL need stress relief.

This is why there has never been a better time to put your creative juices to work making unique products that generate income for you as a designer and creative professional.

In fact – once you master the simple steps that it takes to create printable, low content materials online – you can automate the process to create new, themed versions of your products over and over again!

And if you’re wondering what type of content you can create to support this need, I’m going to show you in detail.

Get Ready for the “Pretty Printables for Productivity & Profit” Course

My name is Sue Fleckenstein and I own Createful Journals. I specialize in creating low content products that can be purposed in myriad ways.

In this exciting course, I’ll be sharing with you the secrets of my success in profiting with low content printables online.

Are you an avid scrapbooker in search of ways to share your skill with others, and make money by way of your skill and talent?

Here’s a quick list of what you can do with low content printables to start profiting immediately:

  • Set them up to sell on Etsy
  • Launch a Shopify storefront
  • Create a blog that showcases your printable products
  • Base your scrapbooking, journaling and other printed products around holidays, common life themes, self development topics, home organization, and much more
  • Offer to life coaches, business consultants, teachers, artists, writing experts

Our Pretty Printables for Productivity & Profit Course will put a unique and useful spin on two well-loved pastimes – journaling and scrapbooking.

These are no longer just enjoyable ways to track milestones and memories at home. Scrapbooking and journaling have become invaluable, interactive teaching tools used by coaches, therapists, educators, experts and creators of all kinds.

Our brand new course will provide in-depth training on how to artfully and expertly combine two important skills – scrapbooking and journaling – to create meaningful printable materials that can be repurposed again and again for endless uses.

How Does Scrapbooking Combine with Journaling for Personal Success?

In journaling, clients, students and individuals write down the details of their daily life with the intention of setting goals, exploring ideas, ruminating relationships, working through emotions, and overcoming personal challenges.

In scrapbooking, the very same people can put together a purposeful and polished presentation that highlights the best-of-the best milestones and moments of their journey.

Here’s a common example. A soon-to-be bride might use journal pages to work through year-long wedding planning, and all the details and nuances that go into that. Along the way, she might pull out special highlights. She’ll likely add to her creative scrapbook things like pictures, mementos, quotes, and the like – preserving precious memories, highlighting moments, sharing helpful tips and more.

In the end, everything comes together in an artful journaling and scrapbooking presentation that also becomes a useful tool to reflect on joyfully, share with family and friends, and pass along knowledge and wisdom gained to the next special bride.

The wedding market is just one of many examples of how your “Pretty Printables for Productivity and Profit” can be put to practical and creative use. Think about how your future customers might want to combine these two skills for use in…

  • Welcoming a new baby  
  • Launching a business
  • Sharing holiday creations
  • Charting a weight loss journey
  • Setting and achieving health and fitness goals
  •  Selling a house, purchasing a new home

Are you excited to embark on a printables mastery course that will get your creativity flowing and take your talent into one of the biggest profit-producing niches online?

Here’s what you’ll gain from taking this course:

  • An in-depth understanding of what you need to know to make money in the low content niche
  • Graphics and tools that make it EASY to get going on printables projects
  • Journaling and scrapbooking overview – how to get started creating printable pages
  • Step by step training to walk you through the creative process – once you have this mastered, you’ll be able to streamline every new project going forward
  • Packaging your product to sell – putting it all together in an easy-to-access, download and instantly useable format

Elements of the Course: What You’ll Learn

Course is delivered in easy to follow videos, with some text and PDF portions. All templates are delivered in PowerPoint format, using the latest version of Office 365 on a PC. Mac users will see a few differences in their versions. 

PART 1: Scrapbook and Journal Product Creation

Module 1: Get Clear on Graphics Creation

  • Introduction and Getting Started
  • Discover which types of graphics are suitable for these projects – and which to avoid
  • Best sources for commercial use graphics
  • Get inspired – find wonderful graphics to add to your project collections!
  • Insider secrets and tips for using graphics in your sellable creations

Module 2: Getting Serious About Scrapbook Creation

  • Learn the difference between journals, planners and scrapbooks
  • Get clear on sizing of your printable products - avoid common print sizing mistakes that can cost you valuable hours and dollars
  • Let’s Go Deep into Scrapbooking! Create your first scrapbook product with guided help and tips
  • Test your products – revise as needed, keep on tweaking and improving as you go
  • Scrapbook wrap-up: pack it up for sale, let’s make money!

Module 3: Create a Beautiful, Vintage Style Journal

  • Explore your options – what can you create that’s different, unique and special?
  • Let’s get started on our vintage journal project – walking you through the creation steps
  • Adding vintage papers to give that special, elegant touch
  • Test your products – revise as needed, keep on tweaking and improving as you go
  • Product testing – what works, what need to change? Tweak and perfect
  • Ready for the market! Steps to package your product for sale

Module 4: Training On Using PowerPoint Shapes, Merging Shapes and More...

  • Basic overview or refresher of using Shapes in PowerPoint
  • Learn how to merge shapes to create unique shapes
  • Aligning shapes made easy!
  • Creating Cut out Effects to enhance our journals and add dimensions

 Module 5: Creating a Vintage Journal Page

  • Follow along step by step as we take individual elements to create a journal page
  • Create a layered page in PowerPoint to add effects to your designs
  • Creating a Frame with any shape
  • Gradients and adding a Custom Gradient to any frame or shape

 Module 6: Digital Inserts for Your Pretty Printables

  • What is a digital insert and why should you add these to your printable products?
  • Create a digital insert

 Module 7: Packaging Up Your Products

  • How to get your files ready to sell
  • Best file formats and delivery options
  • Creating Folder Images and Sales Page Images
  • Product testing – what works, what needs to change? Tweak and perfect

 Module 8: Setting Up Your Etsy Store

  • Step by Step Instructions via a Trello Board
  • Video Set Up Walk Through
  • Dummy Product to complete your store set up
  • Etsy Product templates to quickly get your store up and running

Lots of Templates Are Included!

Vintage Journal Pages
Memories Scrapbook
Beach Scrapbook

Plus get our Scrapbook Niche Research Insights PDF Guide - 13 pages long & a Pack of 47 Digital Papers 

Niche Research Guide
Bonus Digital Papers

Our Frames & Borders Pack are all created in PowerPoint & can be easily recolored to suit your theme.  

Frames Pack

How soon can you get your hands on this course, so you can have your printables storefront up and running by fall 2021?

Join "Pretty Printables for Productivity & Profit"

     Your Creative Inspiration!

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What our students are saying...

The Pretty Printables Journal Scrapbooking Course offers so much value...

Dvorah Lansky,

The Pretty Printables Journal Scrapbooking Course offers so much value and incredible training at an unbelievable price tag. This program is multi-faceted and goes way beyond the topics of journal scrapbooking. The templates you receive can be used over and over again so you can design journaling and scrapbooking pages on any theme you'd like. The design tips you'll learn in PowerPoint can be applied to any number of publishing or design projects. Even as an avid PowerPoint user, I learned new design strategies! On top of that, you receive a complete training on how to set up your own Etsy shop. It's like you get a mini printables university all wrapped into this pretty printables program!

I have always loved Sue's products and classes...

Louise Willis,

I have always loved Sue''s products and classes. I have bought most of them and use them often. I have also bugged her with lots of questions and she has always graciously answered them promptly and in full. One couldn't ask for better service from a vendor. I trust her and her products and would recommend her to anyone who asked. Thanks, Sue! 

Absolutely love everything that Sue puts out and this course was fantastic....

Cathy Gilstrap, ESTY STORE

Absolutely love everything that Sue puts out and this course was fantastic. I wanted a second stream of income and didn't know how to get started in the scrapbooking niche. This course covered everything and then some. Loved the detailed videos and all the little in's and out's that you don't think about until you are actually doing. Here is a link to my first product in my new Etsy shop I created using nothing but this course. 

As always, your courses do not disappoint!..


As always, your courses do not disappoint! I learned a lot from this course and especially like the different effects you can use when making the Scrapbooking pages and the inserts. I have just opened my first store less than a week ago with a few products and was not too happy with how it played out. After taking this course I have deactivated my 4 listings and will be working on them to reactivate.

Great course for diversifying your business...


Great course for diversifying your business into the Scrapbook niche. The more streams of revenue the better and this course got me excited! It's hard to "google" everything you want or even need to break into this niche and this course put everything I needed into one place. Awesome job!