Good Morning

Another snowstorm is currently battling its way through our area. Will be so glad when it starts to melt!

Today we just added our new Undated Blog Planner to the store. This format allows you to use it year after year by simply updating the calendar page.

It comes in color, black & white and no graphic styles. Includes Covers/Tabs a Printables version and over 300 stickers.

Get your Undated Blog Planner here – Coupon BLOGPLANNER saves you $5 until March 1st.

We also added a new Simple Template – Utility Trackers

It's a great way to track how much your appliances cost to run as well as keeping track of your expenses.

Comes in 3 sizes and is a great deal for just $7. Add it to any of your home related planners.

Pick it up here: Utility Tracker

Price Increases Tonight: Next is the Hand Drawn Mazes, this is only available for two more days at this price. The app allows you to create hand drawn mazes that look great, plus it is quick and easy to use.

Hand Drawn Mazes

Here's how the prices will increase tomorrow:

  • FE increases from $47 to $67
  • OTO1 increases from $67 to $97
  • OTO2 increases from $97 to $147
  • OTO3 increases from $67 to $97

My Bonus: Pick this up today and I will give you access to my new training on using SVG files in PowerPoint. I'll show you where to get some really great clipart that would be perfect for mazes, plus how to change them out and create new designs from them. This will be available next week for you.

Di Heuser has released a new Crafters Journal and it's perfect for anyone who sews, knits, does scrapbooking and more. A great product to go into your Etsy or own store.

PowerPoint Version Options:

Bundle is only $79 (Includes Extras like papers, stickers, clip art, tags, borders)

Digital Version $34.99 (OneNote and GoodNotes PowerPoint Documents and 10 Covers)

Print Version $24.99 (3 PowerPoint Documents and 10 Covers)

Affinity Publisher Version Options:

Bundle is only $79 (Includes Extras like papers, stickers, clip art, tags, borders)

Digital Version $34.99 (OneNote and GoodNotes Affinity Publisher Documents and 10 Covers)

Print Version $24.99 (3 Affinity Publisher Documents and 10 Covers)

Plus get 20% off

Use this code: CRAFTY20

Valid till Monday the 28th of February 2022

See all the details here: Crafters Journal

Not to miss, and this has now been rescheduled to next Tuesday March 1st. @ 2pm EST and a replay will be available. Ruth puts on great training sessions and her next one is sure to be full of informative titbits.

Stock Your Shop #2

There is no sales page for this, just a checkout form but believe me you don't want to miss out. Plus if you sign up today the price is $40 cheaper than it will be when the training goes live next week. Looking forward to this, and hope to see you on the call.

New from Jan is Organize Your Digital Life Printables and this looks really great.

Digital Life Printables

The workbook has 78 unique pages of information, checklists and challenges to sort out your business files. There is an extension pack available that covers your personal life.

Two More Days: Jay's Coloring Bundle: Coloring Bundle He is also offering free training available today as well.

Access the free training here: 

Pick up your free coloring pack here:

Available until this Sunday Feb 27th.

Don't forget to check out Shannon in our Spotlight Feature and watch for our Feb mini bundle as well.

Have an awesome Friday and stay safe if it's snowing in your neck of the woods.


P.S. See our line of Simple Templates

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