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Happy Tuesday, our kitchen floor is in and it looks wonderful. Hopefully by this time next week we can start using the kitchen again. Definitely missed my kitchen sink and running water, down to just one bathroom sink right now.

New today is a wonderful course from Amy Harrop, she puts out great training products.

Positivity Printables Made Easy reveals how to create and sell printables in the popular positivity and wellness niches.

This includes gratitude journals, manifestation journals, thankful journals, vision boards, habit trackers and more.

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you get access to Positivity Printables Made Easy:

  • The In-Depth Positivity Printables PDF Guide – approx. 70 pages
  • Worksheets that make every step as easy as 1-2-3
  • Over The Shoulder Video Training
  • Done-for-you templates with commercial rights. Plus tutorial videos so you can easily customize each template.
  • Bonuses and more!

And here’s what you will learn in Amy's training:

  • What positivity printables are and why there is such a big market for them.
  • The benefits of positivity products according to science.
  • How to identify niches with high popularity and low competition.
  • How to evaluate your competitors, including tips on evaluating prices, products, and more.
  • Step-by-step instructions to create habit trackers, gratitude journals, positivity and affirmation wall art, and vision board printables.
  • Advertising best practices and principles for positivity printables.
  • How to position your positivity printable products on Etsy and Amazon.
  • Outside-the-box ideas to promote your positivity printable products.
  • And much, much more!

My Bonus: As a bonus I am giving you a copy of my Thankful Journal to help you get started creating printables or journals in this niche. Value is $22 and you can find your bonus in W+ under the Access Your Product button. Please use my link to get the bonus. Bonus is available during the launch period only.

Pick up Positivity Printables Today

Also new today from Bethany is her Creative Living Planner and it's on sale with 50% off. Use the coupon: FEBFLASH – good until Feb 11th.

Shannon is having a flash sale on her Pink Self Care planner. Coupon PINKCARE

Don't forget to check out Shannon in our Spotlight Feature and watch for our Feb mini bundle as well. There are some awesome Spring products included in it.

Don't forget to check out these Fishing Templates.

So here's how you could use them:

Ice Fishing planners and journals
Incorporate into a camping journal
Add into an RV journal or planner
Kids Fishing journals
Kids activity workbooks and more.

Take a look at Lori's templates here: Fishing Templates
Use the coupon code: FISHING – saves $20 until Wed Feb 9th.

Flipbook preview added: Simone from PLR Planners and I run a Kickstart membership. Each month you get new content in the form of a PowerPoint templates, covers in PDF format where you can type in your own title directly. These are full planners and are often over 400 pages plus.

This month's subject is a Photographer's Planner.


Here's a look at some of the templates. 5 covers are also included. There's 461 pages in total.

Kickstart PLR
Kickstart Monthly Photographers Planner

Charles Harper released a new PLR Playbook and this is centered around Print on Demand and it's a set of video training with PLR rights. He's also adding a series of interviews and has asked me to contribute, looking forward to doing that today with him.

Print on Demand Playbook

Next up you know I am a big fan of Keven Fahey's products, who doesn't love that Irish accent! Today he has released a set of Checklists based on Pinterest. Please note this is on a dime sale which means the prices increases with every so many sales. It's at a crazy low price of just over $7 right now.

IM Checklists Pinterest

I will be adding a bonus for this a set of Pinterest Templates in Canva. Just finishing up the bonus today for you.

Justin and Ted from Tools for Motivation have a new pack on sale this week. You get a 6,000 word Workbook, Lead magnet, social media and branding components.

Intuition PLR

This is a self help pack all about changing your life by using your intuition. It's on sale until Feb 11th.

On sale until Feb 10: Still time to join and participate in our March Meet the Action Takers Bundle.

This event is part of our List Builders Action Plan course and students get to participate in the event each month if they wish. It's great exposure to help get your name out there and to start building your list.

Take a look at our List Builders Course to see if it's a fit for you. It includes Amember, Amazon S3 and Convert Kit training, if you wish to use those.

List Builders Action Plan – plus it's on sale with $30 off – no coupon required.

Rayven launched her new Pirates pack today.

Coupon code: PIRATES will save $18

Details are here

Have a great day.


P.S. See our line of Simple Templates

P.P.S. Missed our last email read it here

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