Good Morning

Loving the cooler temperatures and got a nice walk in yesterday. Plus last night there was a gorgeous sunset that highlighted all the tree tops and made them look golden. Have to post the photo I took of it.

Today Marian has a new mini course out on how to make Stencils in Inkscape. I am enjoying using this for creating things like stickers and looking forward to seeing what stencils I can create and how to use them.

The course is on sale until Aug 14th.

Details: Stencils

Tomorrow Marian and I will be running our Zoom call to chat about Inkscape, if you purchased her main course be sure to send me your receipt so I can add you to the attendee list. Pick up the Stencils course today and you are welcome to attend too.

For those of you who purchased the Affinity and Beyond course the link to get your bonus has now been added. The new product goes into the store tomorrow morning.

If you missed it, here's the details again.

Jayne has teamed up with Jan to come out with a great training course that will show you how to take a PDF and convert it into a printable. It's perfect for anyone who is still learning Affinity and wants to get better at it.

Plus they have included templates worth over $80 and they come with commercial usage rights. And it's on sale with a $30 discount right now.

Here's what's included:

  • 25 short & powerful info-packed training videos
  • Practice planner template – I Love Journal
  • Practice planner template – Kids Printables – Mix & Match Set
  • Practice Planner template – Quirky Brandable Birthday Calendar
  • Practice Planner template – Quilt Sewing Planner

Affinity and Beyond

Pick this up and I will give you my next next mini planner template for free. It launches this week.

This next pack is perfect for creating Printables especially in the home school niche. It's a new pack from Jay at Coloring Galaxy.

See it here: United States Bucket Lists Pages

On the topic of Education there is a new ADHD pack out that comes in both Print and Digital Versions.

ADHD10 saves $10 off August 10th – 17th at midnight CST


On the topic of health, if you are looking for quality health content written by a Dr. Then this Preventative Health pack could be just what you need.

We just added the new content to our Pretty Printables Club this week. You get 2 sets of template packs each month in a modern and vintage scrapbooking style.

Pretty Printables Club

Our new Monthly Spotlight features Sheila from Pretty Printables PLR, read our post here: Sheila's Spotlight

If you would like to be featured let me know. I have 4 spots to fill for the rest of the year. You get featured all month long in my emails and on social media.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. Adding this to my smoothies. Have been making my health a priority.

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