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Our backsplash is being installed today and by the weekend our kitchen is back.

Today there is a new Coloring Bundle out, this is the first time I have seen one that focuses just on coloring packs and training. My contribution is a training on how to upload a coloring pack to your Etsy store.

There is enough content here to start a new niche website, or add to your existing store.

  • Coloring Books
  • Coloring Planners
  • Coloring Journals
  • Coloring Notebooks
  • Paper Dolls
  • Spiroglyphic Coloring Pages
  • Coloring Templates
  • Coloring Activity Books
  • Coloring Calendars

You have two options:
You can purchase just the coloring products ($27), just the training programs ($27) or for the best value, grab both ($47).

Take a look at the sales page here: Coloring Bundle

My Bonus: Instead of creating a bonus I wanted to give you a coupon so you can pick up any product that you want from my site. Coupon must be used by June 1st, so you have lots of time to use it for a new products if you prefer. Bonus will be in your account at Coloring Galaxy. Coupon Value is $27 for all options.

We released the March version of our Monthly Inspiration templates this week. If you have joined yet, you get a ton of value for just $7 per month.

Monthly Inspiration – you also get a 20 minute video on how to customize one of the templates each month.

March 2022 Monthly Inspiration Templates and Prompts

Don't forget to check out Shannon in our Spotlight Feature and watch for our Feb mini bundle as well. There are some awesome Spring products included in it.

Have a wonderful Thursday, we are under a winter storm warning so hubby is picking up any last minute supplies at the store, incase we can't get out for a few days.


P.S. See our line of Simple Templates

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