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Hope your day is off to a great start. We had two birthdays on the weekend and today is our 35th Wedding Anniversary. I had this painting done from one of our photos. When we got married Harald's mom was dealing with cancer and only had a few weeks left. Her wish was to see her baby boy get married, so we got married in her bedroom and took our own photos outside. It's a busy week with our youngest sons birthday on the 5th and their anniversary on the 8th.

People are loving this updated report from Bart and Stuart. They updated their 100 Etsy Printables Sellers product, they took the time to research the best shops and provide you with all the little nuggets that can help you improve your store.
When you look through this list you will discover:

Which products are selling best

Which keyword phrases work best

Which tags work best

What branding works best

What price points work best

What descriptions work best

And a lot more as well.

See all the details here: 100 Etsy Printables Sellers

If you would like to promote this to your list you can also sign up as an affiliate here: Love to promote – this is a great opportunity to get started with affiliate marketing.

Was still available when I checked: Jenn from Health and Wellness PLR has a new pack out today and it's free. It's all about Work Life Balance and there are a couple of upsells that will enhance the pack.

See it here: Work Life Balance

We added a new Simple Template to the store: Spring Hacks and Checklists and it comes in 3 sizes in black and white. Use it to create content for KDP or for listing in your stores.

An affordable price at just $7 – Simple Templates Spring Hacks

We will be adding a Travel Hacks & Checklist Simple Template this week and it should be ready by Wednesday for you.

New from Angie from the Celebration Bird is a new course – E Shop Makeover. I did get review access and have been going through the course slowly and so far I was impressed with what she is teaching.

You will learn how to rebrand your Esty store and have your store stand out from the crowd. I will be applying these tips as I go along. Plus you can use her tips for your blogs as well to create a cohesive branding.

It's on sale until May 8th with no coupon required.

E Shop Makeover

Lynnette has a brand new Vacation Planner that is on sale until May 4th. I know were are hoping to take a vacation this summer too.

Vacation Planner

Kevin Fahey released a new product that is set up for you and helps you promote 10 different affiliate funnels. Checkout the sales page for all the info. Free Affiliate Traffic – please note product is not free.

Free from Alice is a new article for you.

9 Reasons to Start Your Own Newsletter

Jan has a new Quit Sugar Challenge out with PLR Rights. It's created as a 30 Day Challenge, but of course you could split it up and use it to create a workbook, blog posts and more.

Quit Sugar

Sheila has a new Tropical Fitness Tracker and Planner out as well and it's on sale at a great price. It has 31 pages and is editable in PowerPoint. On sale until May 6th.

Tropical Fitness Tracker and Planner

Ez Pub Profits – it's just $10 a month and you get a great report and several interiors each month. Love this for ideas and they work 2 months ahead, the May report is out and features templates and ideas for July.

Our May pack of Pretty Printables was just added to the members area You get 10 vintage/modern templates each month.

Join Pretty Printables Club

Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Going to enjoy a nice glass of wine later, hopefully on the deck if the rain stops.

P.S. See our line of Simple Templates

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