Good Afternoon

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Please note that we are making some changes to our website this week, hopefully it starts tomorrow, so not to worry if anything is off, we will be making tweaks as we go.

I got a little behind with my Etsy product listings, and as luck would have it my modem decided to act up on a long weekend. Will have to wait until they send a new one, hopefully it doesn't take too long to arrive.

There are a few new products out this week that I wanted to let you know about.

From Faith – she is running a free Business Summit next month and you get to attend for free. You can register here: Business Summit – there's a line up of great speakers and you will see an offer to get the recordings as you sign up.

Jenn from Health and Wellness has a sale on her Emotional Wellbeing PLR. I love her content and she used to write my journal prompts for me at one time as well.

You get 25 pieces of content for just $7 – please note that this does end tonight. I picked it up as well and will be putting it on my personal use site along with a printable.

Emotional Wellbeing PLR

Each month this year I am putting a blog post together about one of my students/customers who is taking action. This month I feature Marcy and you can read all about her journey here:

April Spotlight

Tiffany has a new set of PLR reports available today. You could use this for yourself and then use the reports to either build your list or sell as products.

Social Media Mastery

Ez Pub Profits – it's just $10 a month and you get a great report and several interiors each month. Love this for ideas and they work 2 months ahead, so the April report is focusing on products for June.

Have a fantastic Monday and we will have a new Simple Template in the store this week as well.

P.S. See our line of Simple Templates

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