Good Morning

Our company just left for the trip home. It was lovely to have them here and Sakima enjoyed it too, no doggie issues this time.

I can't believe it's Thursday already and hopefully in another week we are going to try and take a vacation. I have lots to get put into place by then. If you have an affiliate program I am looking for specials to promote while we are away. Let me know!

New today:

From Alice a Create Your Dream Life Vision Board It's a huge pack of content with 500+ pieces.
If you haven't seen her templates before download this free pack first. 

From Rayven an Under the Sea Coloring Pack – coupon WHOA saves you a whopping 70%

Lynette has a new Affiliate Marketing for Beginners out today. You will learn how to apply to affiliate programs, how to make money and how to earn affiliate commissions via email. No coupon is required and it's on sale until July 12th.

On my buy list for this week: Ruth has released a new set of Zen Style Coloring Pages. I totally love this style and you can use them in many different ways.

  1. Give them out as a bonus with one of your Etsy products such as a Calendar or related coloring book.
  2. Use them as backgrounds for your calendars, to do lists.
  3. Use them on greeting cards/notebooks
  4. Add an overlay to them and use as cover or divider pages.
  5. Use them to decorate our Canva Calendar Collection
  6. Color them in and use them that way, colored versions are available for sale.

Take a look here: Zen Style Coloring Pages
 ZENFLOWER15 takes $15 off the listed price

From Lori a new training that shows you how to create 10 Products from 1 in the Adult Coloring Niche. She provides great PowerPoint training tips.

Check it out here: 10 from 1 Coloring – Coupon COLOR10WAYS

Kevin Fahey is a great marketer and I have purchased tons of his products. Today he has a new one out. Emergency Report for Marketers

You will learn the top 5 mistakes marketers are making and then he will show you 5 methods that you can use to increase your profits. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Here's our July Spotlight Member:

If you would like to be featured for the entire month in my newsletters and on Social Media please let me know. Requirements are that you took one of my courses and took action on it.

Dvorah has released her new July training: Working with Digital Planner Cover Kit Templates. She is a great teacher and is always open to your questions.

Use the coupon SAVE10 to get an additional $10 off the price.

Latest pack in our store: Createful Canva Calendar Collection

Have a great day and will see if I can squeeze in a Zoom Call tomorrow, if not early next week. Love chatting with you all.

P.S. See our line of Simple Templates – suggest a topic idea & get the pack for free!

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