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Yesterday was wildlife day! We had three gorgeous deer visit by our pond and they stayed around a while. At least until Sakima was itching to get outside and say hello to them. We had 10 ducks swimming in our pond. Then on our drive home from the park we saw a young fox. It looked as though he was looking for his mother, hope he finds her.

Tomorrow we have a new product in the store. It's a Childhood Trauma Journal and it's one of our Mini Templates. This way you can add more content to it, to customize it. This is a popular but sensitive niche.

Shelley and her team have released a new product. You get a full year of content in the popular Self Development niche that will work on social media. So it's a great marketing tool for you.

Just look at what's included for you:

  • 100 Viral Video Quotes in “Self Development” niche- White Label/PLR license and project files for Camtasia and PowerPoint
  • 20 Ideas To Increase Interaction
  • 50 Things To Blog About
  • Strategies to Increase Productivity
  • 75+Ideas-for-content
  • 190-Tweets-bonus
  • Daily Content Planner
  • Weekly Content Marketing Journal
  • Bonuses

See the sales page here: Flik Viral

Di Heuser from PLR Planners has released a new Homesteading Planner today. It's available in the following 3 versions.

  • Print $23.20 (reg. $29) – Planner in 3 sizes, 10 Print Covers (JPG)
  • Digital $31.20 (reg. $39) – Goodnotes Layout Planner with linked tabs, OneNote Layout Planner, 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG)
  • Bundle $63.20 (reg. $79) – Print & Digital versions PLUS 20 Color Co-ordinated Digital Papers 12×12 (PNG), 600+ Matching Stickers (PNG), 17 clip art (PNG)

Pick up your copy here: Homesteading Planner 
Save 20% with HOMESTEAD20

Angela Wills has released a new October Challenge and it's priced at just $10. This is a great way to stay accountable and get things done.

Join Here

Rayven has released some super cool Coloring Dragons. This is a mix and match pack so you can easily create some cool new content to add to your coloring books. It's on sale with no coupon required.

Dragons Coloring Pack

Melanie is getting ready to drop new content into her Pin Club Membership. I did join myself so let me know when you join as well and we will do some training on how to use this content to post on other platforms as well. Let me know if you prefer a Zoom call or just a video training.

Each Month – you will Receive:

  1. TWO New Printable Products with PLR. The first product will be 8-12 unique pages and then Melanie take's the first product and transforms it into the second PLR Product (and include that too). It will be provided ahead of the prime season and/or evergreen.
  2. PLUS – 8 (or more) Pinterest Pin Templates – coordinated theme
  3. PLUS – 8 (or more) Square Product Mockups – sized 2000px by 2000px, and also with coordinated theme
  4. PLUS – Access to the library of Canva Customization and Tech tutorial videos.

Join Pin Club Here

Becky has a new Mid Century Modern Thanksgiving Planner Bundle available. You get a 22 page printable planner in PowerPoint and Canva, 30 clipart in PNG and SVG, 30 digital stickers, 2 sticker sheets, and 12 gorgeous coloring pages.

Coupon:GIVETHANKS10 saves $10 off the print and print/digital planner from September 23rd- 30th at midnight CST

I have been going through the training in Angela's Email Practice Club and have been super impressed with what I have seen so far.

Brenda has her Canva for Beginner's course available. She is one of very few Globally Certified Experts from Canva.

Alice has 8 Product Templates for you, oh and they are free!

Hope you have an enjoyable rest of the day.

P.S. Missed our last email read it here

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