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Hope you had a great week. Mine was good other than having to get a tooth fixed, the first of two. As we get older it's not fillings that we worry about, it's a chipped or break that require crowns, not cheap at all.

Here's your roundup of offers for this week:

I remember growing up I always wanted to dance like a ballerina. I even spent hours watching the ballet classes in our small town. One day I got up the courage and go in and ask about joining. Immediately I was too I was too tall and could never be a ballerina! Shattered my dreams on the spot.

One good thing about dreams is that we can live them in other ways. Through pictures, books and movies. This brings me to a wonderful new offer today from Maureen.

She has released a gorgeous Ballerina Beauties pack of coloring graphics. It's on sale for the next 3 days only.

Ballerina Beauties

New Content This Week: We just added our Monthly Inspiration content for September into the members area. It has a nice Fall/Autumn theme to it.

If you are not a member you can join here, plus join this week and get the August content at no extra cost.

Here's what you get each month:

30 Journal Prompts + 20 bonus prompts
5 PowerPoint Templates based on a monthly holiday or theme
List of Holidays and events
Social media Templates
30 Fun Words
Monthly Calendar in PowerPoint and as an Editable PDF

Monthly Inspirations

Another person whose groups I enjoy being in is Elizabeth Goddard, she's based in the U.K. I have met wonderful people in her Facebook group and gotten lots of great info from her courses.

She has two that I wanted to point out to you today.

The first is actually on sale right now.

Client Only Groups – inside Lizzy will explain the different types of groups and which ones are best for you. There is a ton of great content here so pop on over to the sales page to take a lot.

Bonus: If you pick this up using my link I will jump on a 1:1 Zoom call with you to discuss anything you like about your business. Valued at $97.

The next offer is a lower priced one. Crack the Tech code – this is an easy way to discover what tools you need in your tech stack. It will save you hours of research.

Ruth Bowers also has a monthly coloring pattern club and she just added the August content this week. This is a super low cost way to get monthly patterns that are unique.

Coupon: NEWMONTH makes it $5/month through August 21 only

You can join here: Coloring Patterns

Cindy released her Email Marketing Campaigns course this week. I love her training and this is one I am definitely going to go through.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Consistently earns five+ figures every single month, primarily through her email list (and with what many would call a “small” list, too!)
  • Writes sales emails that are so engaging she frequently gets notes of thanks from her readers (even when she's selling to them!)
  • Easily provides plenty of value along side her offers (because no one wants to be sold to all the time)
  • Turns her best performing emails into evergreen earners that make sales over and over again (and without any more effort on her part)
  • Makes continual improvements to her email marketing game (that's the ultimate key to your success)

Pick up your copy here: Email Marketing Campaigns – Save with EMC50

There is a new release from Yusef – he teams up with Alice Seba on her Ekit Hub products.

This is all about getting traffic to our products, something that we all need.

He is offering a free report: Content Creators Guide – this report gives you 7 easy ways to get traffic to your sites using content. It's free for a limited time only.

Next he has a course that currently comes with access to a free live workshop. We will learn more about SEO and getting backlinks the correct way.

See all the details here: SEO Training – it's 50% off for the next 5 days.

Lori is running a retirement sale on her 19 Pinterest templates in her store.

Use the coupon RETIREPIN to save 50%

Retire Pinterest

I have used Jenn in the past to help me write content for my site and memberships. I love her content and she is running a special for the next 5 days only.

You get 25 packs of content with some of the packs actually being bundles, so that's a lot of value for your money.

Health and Wellness Content

Our new Monthly Spotlight features Sheila from Pretty Printables PLR, read our post here: Sheila's Spotlight

If you would like to be featured let me know. I have 4 spots to fill for the rest of the year. You get featured all month long in my emails and on social media.

Hope you have a fantastic day.

P.S. Missed our last email read it here

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