In my last post we talked about how you can edit your planners and journals by changing up the colors and styles. If you missed that post you can read it here.  I had a few questions from customers who were wondering if their clients could write in these journals without printing them off? Or  is there a way to type into a PDF without any expensive programs? I actually have a neat way that you can do this.

The first issue with purchasing a Planner Pack that has PLR rights is that while you can edit and brand the original Word document, you cannot give this version out to your customers. You must save your new version as a PDF and then give or sell this version to your customers and clients. While many people won't have an issue printing off the pages to write in them. Some people do prefer to add certain notes and text to the planners first.  In this example I will show you how you can type into the final PDF using this Planner Pack.

My first step would be to brand the Word Document and then save it as a PDF document.

Now go on over to  this Free Tool

Drag and Drop your PDF file into the box and it will start uploading immediately.

Here's my planner page ready to use: Planner Page

Click on the Insert tab – text and then go over to your planner and start typing in your notes. You can change the font and font size, but it is limited to just a few styles.

As you can see there are several features you can use: PDF Features

You can add your own image, links as well as adding checkmarks and arrows. I love the whiteout feature as well, that could come in very handy. Another feature that is super useful is the sticky notes one, you can find this under Annotate. Type into a PDF

Click on the Sticky Note and it will open as a text box on the side of the document. Then type in notes, instructions or other user friendly tips. Once you save it, it will appear on the document as a yellow note, as shown above in the photo. When someone reads the PDF and hovers over the sticky note it opens up for them! Think how useful this could be for coaches, trainers and business owners. It could act as a step by step instruction guide.

Another great feature is found under the Page tab: PDF features

How many times in a PDF do you come across a page that is in Landscape view which would make it very difficult to add text to. Simply Rotate the page and then type into it. Once done, do remember to rotate it back so it prints properly.

You also have the ability to delete or move pages. Again this would make it easy to create your own version of the planner at the same time. If you don't need all the pages just delete some or move a page from the beginning to the end or vice-versa.

Here's a video tutorial so you can see how I added text and the Sticky Note to the document.

YouTube video

I suggest that you play with this and then let your clients know about it. You can even create a quick tutorial and include it for them.  This would be a great tool for anyone who prefers to type into their planners. Or just for adding items that you do each day or month, before printing the planner out to use.

Let me know if you have any questions, just add them in the comment section below.


P.S. If you need more journal content that you can customize as your own, here's my latest Journal Pack

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  1. Sarah Arrow says:

    Thanks for sharing this Sue. I prefer to get people to write, rather than type… however… when you create a pretty journal some people won’t want to print it because they worry about the cost of the ink! This solves the problem for them.

    1. Sue Fleckenstein says:

      Absolutely. It’s also helpful if you want to fill in certain content repeatedly. You can just type it into each page before printing it out.

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