Today I want to chat about using planners that come in a done for you content form. This may, or may not be, something you are familiar with. This type of done for you content allows you to edit and rebrand the planners to suit your own needs. This could mean adding your own branding and colors and even putting your name to the final version and selling it.

I just picked up a brand new planner pack that just came out today and will give you a quick walk through of some easy ways to brand it.  This is the pack I picked up: Personal Daily Planner Pack 

Inside the contents include 4 planner packs; Goals Planner, Healthy Me Planner, Productivity Planner and Gratitude Planner.

You get the planner as a Word document along with an ecover and an opt in page text.

I want to show you some easy ways to personal the planner and for this example I chose the Goals Planner.

Quick Steps for Editing Your Planner

My first step is to simply open up the Word document and save it as a new version. This way you always have the original to work from and you can create multiple new products from this one planner!

Next I want to find a new image that I can use for the front cover. There are lots of places to get images from such as Deposit Photos, Ivory Graphics and places like Hungry Jpeg. Some of these will have freebies that would be suitable. For example here are some floral images for just $1. One of my favorites are the graphics from Ivory Graphics they have a feminine touch to them and include images of computers, books and pens so are good for anyone who works on line.  Click the banner below for more details and Kayla gives out free photos each month too.

Photos for Planners

Once I chose my graphic I went over to Pic Monkey to give it a quick edit and add a new title to it. This is the image I started with.

And my finished image.

To achieve this I first rotated the image so it looked like a report cover image. I then added my title into the white space. I used the color picker to select colors from the image. My next step was to add a border to it and again selected colors from the image. This literally took me less than 10 minutes to do.

Now these planners have one page for each day of the year so it's a lot of pages to customize. If I was planning on selling the new versions to my customers/clients then I would take the time to change the colors to match the images. This step may take time but some of the changes can be done in the Styles ribbon and will be applied to the entire document at one time.

Here's a look at my changes.

The top portion is the report cover. To change the color of the quote and the month I clicked on the table and went to Design – Shading and then added the color code from the image. This is not quite so easy to do as in Powerpoint – where they have a color picker to use. Here's how I match my colors.

I go to this site: and then add my image. What I love about this site is that your image doesn't have to upload – perfect if you have a slow internet connection.

Select the color you want to use with your mouse and let the color load, as shown on the right hand side. Then the color code will appear. Now for Word you need the RGB color code. To get this highlight the color code and right click with your mouse. Then select ‘Search Google etc' and this will bring up a results page.

You now have the RGB color code you need to use.

Go back to your Word document and click where you want to apply the color and go to Shading/Color – More Colors and change the color values and click on OK.

Do this for the number of colors you wish to use. Once this part is done the colors will now show up in your Recent colors so you can just select them as needed.

For headers in the Styles column, you can click on the Modify button and select the new color and then select update selection and all the headers in the report will automatically change. Your next step is to go through the document and then change the color of items that haven't changed such as the tables. Just highlight the entire table and select Shading and your color and it will change for you.

Once you have changed the look of your report your next step would be to add an Intro page to the report. Here you can talk about how you would use this planner for yourself. You can mention things like finding motivational quotes to help inspire your thoughts or goals to use in the planner. At the end of the planner I would add an About Page that talks about who you are, what you do and where people can find you. So be sure to add links to your social media profiles as well as to your blog and maybe even to a squeeze page to get people on to your list. You can even use the Opt In text inside this pack for that!

Hopefully this has inspired you to give Done for You Content a try in your business. It's usually more affordable to buy, especially when it comes to hiring a ghostwriter. Plus, as you can now see, it's quick and easy to customize to your own needs.

If you purchase the Personal Planner Pack  I have added a nice pack of Note pad templates that you can use to create your own customized note pad too!

Please let me know if you have any questions, just leave them in the comments below.

Personal Daily Planner Pack 

P.S. If you would like to download this post as a PDF – great for future reference – click on the pink button below!



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  1. Mary Blackburn says:

    Sue, Thank you so much for this tutorial. It was very helpful and informative.

  2. Hollie Hawley says:

    Hi, Sue. I’m really impressed with this tutorial! I had no idea about the steps involved in matching colors — never thought about it before. I always like to learn things about PLR and done for you products, so thanks for sharing this.

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