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It's turning into a crazy Saturday, not what I had expected. About a week ago I had my credit card comprimised and did all the changes etc. This morning when I went to log into Convert Kit, my account had been closed. Contacted support and they reinstated it thankfully. But now they are telling me my bank has disputed the last 3 payments, so I still might lose my account! Crazy so now I have to contact the bank and see if they will remove the dispute. I hope your Saturday is better than mine! Thanks for listening.

Latest product in our Store: Intermittent Fasting Templates

Weekend Bonus Special – I am trying something a little different.

My bonus: For this weekend if you spend $40 on any products via my links from this email. I will give you access to my new Christmas Recipe Template pack. This is not in the store yet and will be available shortly. It is also available in both Canva and PowerPoint versions. Just email me your reciepts and let me know what you picked up and I will give you access early next week. Just have to get it uploaded.

Today Maureen has a new Kids Celebrating Christmas coloring pack. There's 5 packs in total. You can purchase just the ones you want individually. Or save big and pick up the bundle option. Prices jump Oct 21st.

See Maureen's pack here

Marcy has a new Winter Kids Activity Set out this weekend too. Comes in both Canva and PowerPoint versions.

Save $10 with WINTERSAVE10

Alice has a Mega Journal Pack out as well. It's a pack of 24 journals that you can use in various ways in your business.

Marian has a new training this week that is based on creating Fillable Forms and Designs in MS Word. The training is on sale at a super affordable price.

Plus if you pick this up or any of her Inkscape training she has kindly agreed to do another Zoom call to answer your questions. She's also going to show us something new that I was trying to do in Inkscape. I will schedule the call with her and give you details next week. Please email me to let you know you picked this up via my link. Thanks

See her Fillable Designs here

Lynette has a new 2023 Weekly Marketing Planner out that could be super useful for us in our business. Plus you get PLR rights so you can rebrand and sell it to your customers and clients as well.

Weekly Marketing 

Last month I shared some training from you from Brenda. She is just one of 26 Verified Canva Coaches in the world. She is offering some free training on Creating Great Graphics. It's only free until Oct 20th.

At the end of the video training there is an option to join her Canva Recipe Course. If you pick this up I am offering a bonus for you.

My bonus: Get 2 hours of coaching from me. Can be split into two calls.

Cindy Bidar is running 50% off some of her most popular products. Each product is on sale for one day only. The sale lasts for the next 10 days so be sure to check for any that you missed.

Daily Money Makers Toolkit is the special today.

Use the coupon: OCTOBER22 to get the discount.

Today's offer is here 

Have you ever struggled with knowing what fonts to use in your products? It can be time consuming researching what fonts pair well together. Your problem is now solved!

Jan has just released a new training One Hour Fonts, and yes the course only takes one hour to get through. Learn everything you need to know about fonts.

One Hour Fonts

On sale until October 18th.

Rayven is having a sale on her Herbal Pantry Pack of coloring designs.

Have a great day!


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