Good Morning

What a crazy morning we had yesterday. First we went to fill up or water softener and discovered there was black gunge floating on top. Plus Sakima has been dealing with diarrhea and maybe this is the cause. Just waiting for the repair guy to come. At least they are coming quickly and hopefully it's a quick fix, don't need that to go through our pipes.

Then yesterday looking out at the back of our property there was a big animal that we didn't recognize. Harald go the binoculars out and saw that it was a Turkey Vulture. I immediately thought of our baby bunny we have running around. No it was a racoon, not sure what killed it but he was having a feast. Then his/her partner flew in, they are huge birds and boy are they ugly. Here's a pic incase you haven't seen one before.

There are some great new offers out this week as well.

First up Stuart and Bart released their KDP Hot Spot product today. It's all about how to create simple books for Kids in an under served niche. They are easy to create and they show you where to get all the elements you need to create them.

Take a look here: KDP Hot Spot.
As a bonus I am giving you my Kids Story Starter pack. Claim details will be emailed to you after your purchase.

Liz Wilcox offers great training resources for email marketing. If you are stuck knowing what to send each day or week, then her EMM products may be just want you are looking for.

While you can get her monthly option for just $9 per month, there's a fantastic offer on her yearly rate. Join this option and get all of her courses for free. This is the one that I have.

EMM Yearly Option – available for 48 hours only

Or $9 per Month

The next offer I wanted to share is from Michelle and is such a fantastic topic. She has just released a Food Pantry Planner that she uses herself.

You get 58 layouts plus 5 binder covers. The list is too long to post so just click on over to see what she has for you today. If you have a family blog, homestead blog or cooking blog these are perfect. Even if you just want to create planners and printables to sell.

Food Pantry Planner – Coupon PANTRY50 saves you 50% off

Last day at this price: Lynette has a new Affiliate Marketing for Beginners out. You will learn how to apply to affiliate programs, how to make money and how to earn affiliate commissions via email. No coupon is required.

Here's our July Spotlight Member:

If you would like to be featured for the entire month in my newsletters and on Social Media please let me know. Requirements are that you took one of my courses and took action on it.

Latest pack in our store: Createful Canva Calendar Collection

Have a great weekend!

P.S. See our line of Simple Templates – suggest a topic idea & get the pack for free!

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