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Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day finishing up our next product that will be released tomorrow. It's an Online Legacy Journal that is going to be a great help for business owners. You can record all of the details for your loved ones to manage/sell your business after you pass away.

In the meantime we just added the new set of content to the Monthly Inspiration Templates and Journal Prompts membership.

If you join now you can still download the last month's content as well so you get 2 packs for the low price of one!

Details here

Each month members get:
5 Templates
30 Journal Prompts + 20 bonus ones
Social Media Templates
Fun Words
Event Days
Editable Calendars
Video training and demo file

Here's the video for this month. I show you how to take part of the templates and the calendar file to create a custom calendar.

Still Available:

Kristie Chillis Stationary Packs and I mention this in my video too about how to create some quick stationary items to list on Etsy.

Mystery Bonus applies to this - email me your receipt.

Herb Garden Planner from Michelle. I love her content and this would go well with any homesteading content that you have. Plus if you used with Kristie's course above you could create packs of Herb Garden and Gardening stationary sets.

Herb Garden 

Coupon HERB23 saves you $10.50 off the price

Mystery Bonus applies to this - email me your receipt.

I created a handy Notion Bundle/Giveaway Tracker and this will help you keep track of all those bundles you have submitted too, along with tracking your results. I have been adding my own bundle submission products to this and it's great to have all the information in one place, esepcially things like my bio, product descriptions and links to my images.

I have put this in my Etsy store as it's a personal use product.

See it here: Notion Bundle Tracker

There's a video walkthrough here: 

Have a fabulous Sunday and hope you get to enjoy it with family.


P.S. Get 40 Etsy Listing Credits for your new shop here

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