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Happy Thursday and it was a frosty, cool morning here in Ontario again, it's supposed to warm up as we head into our long weekend. I have been looking for rhubarb and it's crazy expensive in the stores, like $1 per stalk. I posted in our local neighbourhood group and a guy offered me some from his garden. When we arrived he told me to pick as much as I wanted, no charge. So we came home armed with a ton of rhubarb and my first recipe will be my upside down rhubarb and strawberrry cake!

I wanted to share a quick story with you about how my new planner came about.

I was in a brainstorming/chat group and we were talking about retirement plans for our business. Then the topic of what would happen to your business if something suddenly happened to you? Does your spouse know how to manage your business, do they know how to log into your PayPal account and withdraw money and the list goes on...

It was mentioned that a Legacy/Estate Planning journal would be perfect for buisness owners, but no-one had one in their store! I offered to put one together. Brainstorming with others is a great way to come up with new products, then of course taking action on it.

Which brings me to our Online Legacy Journal/Estate Planner.

It includes:

  • 37 Templates
  • Powerpoint and Canva Templates
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Color, Grayscale and No Graphics Versions
  • Separate files with the dashboards for you to customize
  • 10 Digital Papers
  • Commercial Use License

Online Legacy Estate Planner

New this week is the June content for our Monthly Inspiration Templates club.

Details here

Each month members get:
5 Templates
30 Journal Prompts + 20 bonus ones
Social Media Templates
Fun Words
Event Days
Editable Calendars
Video training and demo file

Here's the video for this month. I show you how to take part of the templates and the calendar file to create a custom calendar.

Still Available:

Kristie Chillis Stationary Packs and I mention this in my video too about how to create some quick stationary items to list on Etsy.

Mystery Bonus applies to this - email me your receipt.

Ends Tonight: Herb Garden Planner from Michelle. I love her content and this would go well with any homesteading content that you have. Plus if you used with Kristie's course above you could create packs of Herb Garden and Gardening stationary sets.

Herb Garden 

Coupon HERB23 saves you $10.50 off the price

Mystery Bonus applies to this - email me your receipt.

Marcy managed to break her ankle on Mother's Day, I feel for her, but she is still putting products into her store.

Today she has a Childs Graduation Template available for you. You can save 50% until May 30th with the coupon grad50save

Carmen has a really Cute Little Giraffe's Coloring pack out and you could create some fun calendars with these as well as activity books.

Mystery Bonus applies to this - email me your receipt.

I have still been managing to get up earlier in the morning and this week I used the time to learn more about creating Notion templates. I just put the finishing touches to my new Weekly Planner in Notion and it's on sale in my Etsy store.

See it here: Notion Weekly Planner

and here's some free Etsy Mockup images from the CoolBean.

Have a wonderful day and hubby is outside splitting logs for winter. Hate to have to think about the colder months when it's only May!


P.S. Get 40 Etsy Listing Credits for your new shop here

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