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We are headed into a winter storm and are in a bit of a pickle. Yesterday we decided to take our truck in for a Spa Cleaning treatment to get rid of that doggy smell. Unfortunately they didn't have the truck ready for us to pick up last night. Now with a storm coming in we are hoping they call shortly, otherwise we will be stuck without a vehicle until we can pick it up.

I have decided how to run the 2023 Biz Planning Mastermind and will record a quick video with details hopefully later on today or tomorrow. It's going to be super, super affordable and will help us all get off to a great start next month.

We just added the Jan 2023 content to our Monthly Inspiration and Journal Templates club. Join now and download the Nov pack at no extra cost.

The PowerPoint themes for this pack are:

Blood Donor Month
National Soup Month – great for recipe books
New Year Resolutions Week
Organize Your Home Day
Winnie the Pooh Day

I have some actual photos of Winnie the Pooh from his home town of White River, Ontario, I will see if I can edit them to sell. Let me know if you are interested.

 Monthly Inspirations

Last Day for this: Lori has her Midweek Madness sale and it's all about creating digital recipe planners. I know on my Etsy store one of my best sellers is a kids recipe planner.

It's on sale for the next few days at 50% off with the coupon MIDWEEK22

Digital Recipe Planners

Shannon has two sales on right now.

50% off her Mandala Designs – ends tomorrow and use coupon MANDALA50

Then she has her 35 Patchwork Hearts Graphics, it's also on sale for 50% off Coupon Code: HEARTS50

Nams Daily Deals – Each day David and Jenn are selling one of their products at a deep discount. Take a look at today's deal.

New from Bart and Stuart is their Low Content Lift Off product. This is all about publishing books in a low content niche on KDP.

This niche is the Printable Graph Paper Notebooks, it's a great niche and people are making over $4,000 per month with this type of content. Apparently there are tons of types of graph papers!

In this guide, Stuart and Bart will show …

  • How to break into this lucrative market (easy)
  • WHY this market is BOOMING!
  • WHERE to get specialty graph paper templates at very low cost or FREE! (NO graphics skills needed!)
  • How to DRILL DOWN into under-served sub-niches (where the big money is)
  • HOW to target MULTIPLE markets for even BIGGER profits!
  • How to bypass the ‘competition’ by finding and ‘zeroing in on’ on specific sub-niche keywords!
  • And much more!

Low Content Lift Off

Plus get a 26% discount until Dec 31st – use DECSPECIAL

From Angela is her new course: Websites from Scratch

In this course she will take you through all the steps of setting up and adding content to a new website. This is perfect if you have never done this before, or if you want to improve your skills. Another possiblity is creating websites to flip.

If you happen to be part of Angela's Email Practice Club – members get a 25% off. Take a look here – You could join this and still save money on the website course.

We just added new content to the Pretty Printables Club this week, if you haven't joined you can do so here: Pretty Printables

Alice is having a 12 Days of Christmas Sale – You can save 70% on each of the Daily Deals by using the coupon 12Days OR you can save 80% on the full bundle with Coupon Code 12DaysBundle.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

All the best.

P.S. Missed our last email read it here

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