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Today we are going to hit double digits temperate wise, awesome! Thanks to everyone who filled out my Bonus Survey the response has been huge and I am still going through all of your answers and comments. I totally agree with the zillion upsell comments too!

If you didn't see the survey it's right here. 

Yesterday morning I was up super early and I picked up a product that kept me going back to the sales page. I must have visited it at least 5 or 6 times and finally clicked the buy button. It was $17 and no upsells.

One Hour Ebooks is a great read and it's from Debbie Gartner. It's all about how she takes her longer blog posts and turns them into a PDF and sells them on her blog for $5 each. In the course of a year it really adds up.

I know how to take a document and create a PDF, but what made me purchase this? I saw on the sales page that she uses Send Owl to sell her products. I have been looking at this myself so was interested to get her perspective on it.

What Sparked Ideas?

The PDF is a quick read and contains video links to show you more details. What I liked was that you actually get to see inside Send Owl and Debbie walks you through setting things up. It's an entire training course inside her PDF!

My Ideas

This is where my mind started turning like crazy. I don't have long blog posts at the moment, but I do have short courses and trainings. So as well as having the trainings on a members page, why not give people a PDF with the content inside? This adds more value, and it allows customers to read the PDF in a variety of places. I actually read the PDF on my iPad while laying in bed.

Then of course you can monetize and brand the PDF. Add an About Me section with links to your website, social media and any other related free training on the topic.

Include Affiliate links to related products.

Offer a coupon code inside the PDF for buyers.

Include links to your own Related Products.

Then you could include a Feedback form or Survey in there as well.

Was my purchase worth it?

Absolutely, while I knew the basics I got some great training on using Send Owl, my creativity was sparked for my own products and I ended up with an Affiliate offer that I can recommend to my list with confidence.

Sounds interesting to you? Visit the One Hour Ebook page today I heard that Debbie was increasing the price on this but not sure when. I just checked and it's still $17.

Don't forget to take a look at our new Family Traditions KDP and Printables Pack, it's on sale until Sunday.

This pack contains two packs:

KDP version with templates that work for Paperback and Hardcover versions. Each template has been created for 150 page length books. You get the covers with PSD files so you can add your own personal touches to them if you wish. Additional papers are included as 8.5 x 11 inch versions as well as 12 extra interior page designs that match the main templates.

Printables version – we have made this as a ready to use printables pack that you can sell on your store or from Etsy or Shopify. It also includes additional digital papers that you can use for dividers, or for front and back covers.

You can purchase both of these separately or as a Bundle to save even more.

Check out the sales page here: Family Traditions 

We just released the April Content for our Monthly Inspiration Templates and Prompts Tons of value including over 30 journal prompts and 5 PowerPoint templates each month.

Jan has a new Vintage Genealogy Tracker out. Tracking your Family Tree is a popular niche, I know my brother is busy doing this. This could be the type of product that will sell year round for you.

The templates come in both PowerPoint and Canva in Letter and A4 sizes.

Genealogy Tracker – use the coupon FAMILYTREE

Faith has a new training out today and I will be taking a look at this.

Fun with Mandalas is a training based in Canva, and Faith is great at Canva.

Fun with Mandalas

Sale on until 27 March, use coupon code FUNMANDALA to save $20.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day, I am recording an interview with someone today and then plan on enjoying some warm weather! Hope you are too.


P.S. See our line of Simple Templates

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