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A late start to the day with storms that have finally stopped. Off to check our pepper plants and hope that we didn't lose any. The basil is in and the pesto is in the freezer.

Maureen is running a Flash sale on her Mermaid Coloring packs. Apparently due to the Barbie move, mermaids are a hot topic. So get your creations out there or bump your old listings with some fresh looks and keywords.

You can pick up Maureens's pack below. This is on W+.

Mesmirizing Mermaids 

She also has a Fantasea Coloring Pack if you never picked that up. This is on Maureen's store.

Notion Made Easy in this course Arun has simpliefied using Notion into quick easy tutorials. This will help you create a dashboard to keep your organized.

Notion Made Easy

Kristie Chiles has a pack of Doggy graphics that are perfect for using for print and demand purposes.especially for T shirts. Of course you can use them for other purposes as well. They would make good additions to your printables and even as Journal and Planner covers. Plus you get a free Vet Appointment printable with your purchase.

Get your paws on them here: Doggy Graphics

Use the coupon: SUMMERSALES - not sure when this expires.

Our new 90 Day Growth Plan Template set comes in both PowerPoint and Canva formats. Just edit in the tool you are most comfortable with.

This is a great template to use for planning out personal growth and you could niche it down in various segments including moms, teens, retirees and more.

You get 43 templates with the PowerPoint files coming in 3 different sizes. Please note that the Canva version may have slightly different graphics in it.

It's on sale until Sunday July 30th, the coupon will automatically be applied at checkout. If you don't see it, use GROWTH to get your discount.

Get your copy here: 90 Day Growth Plan

My 90 Day Personal Growth Plan

Di and Simone from PLR Planners are celebrating their birthdays this month and are running a sale.

You can save 50% off your purchases until the end of the month. Use the coupon BDAY23 to save. Can be used multiple times.

Shop here

Spend at $25 to qualify for my Mystery Pack this month. Please send me your receipt.

Amy Harrop has a new course out that is about using AI to create clip art and digital papers with free tools. Definitely something I want to make time to go through.

Amy teaches in a very easy to follow manner and she doesn't leave anything out at all. If you want to learn how to create your own clip art and digital papers to sell on Etsy or even from your PLR then you may want to check out her offer while it's on sale.

Easy AI

This qualifies for my Mystery Pack this month. Please send me your receipts.

Need more graphics with MRR? Then check out this cute offer from Virginnie. Animals Peeking out the Walls. You could add these to all kinds of planners, journals, calendars and activity packs.

Use the coupon: ANIPEE50 to save 50% until the end of the month.

Animals Peeking out the Walls

From Faith is her Giveaway bundle where she has both PLR and Personal Use products available.

Grab your products here

Plus she also has a great new membership: Do it with Faith, it's just $9 per month and there's a ton of value for the money. I signed up for this so I can stay motivated with my site and creating more videos and keep my blogging up.

Check it out: Do it with Faith

More from Marcy! If you want to learn even more about creating printables using Midjourney.

Midjourney Masterminds for Halloween Printables Zoom. This is a live zoom mastermind for Aug 6th at 2pm est. There will be recordings.

Midjourney for Halloween

Coupon midjourney50 - 50 % off to Aug 2nd.

Plus she has: Midjourney Mastermind for Holiday Printables

Midjourney Mastermind for Holiday Printables 101

Learn to make festive clipart with Midjourney!

Coupon code is half off

This new training is from Michelle and Marcy. While it has all ready started the replays are ready so you can easily catch up.

In this course you will learn how to outrank your competitors and attract new customers and clients. With a focus on digital product sellers regardless of whether you have a blog or not. Learn why it can be helpful to have one!

It's a 4 week course that will be run live with recordings.

  • SEO for Digital & Printable Product Creation
  • Using SEO & Blog Posts for Product Sales
  • Using SEO & Blog Posts for Affiliate Sales
  • Creating Lead Magnets for Sales
  • Bonus: Pinterest SEO
  • Bonus: Pinterest for Sales

See it here: SEO from Digital & Printable Sellers Course

This qualifies for my Mystery Pack this month. Please send me your receipts.

Totally appreciated, thank you!


P.S. Get 40 Etsy Listing Credits for your new shop here

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