Good Morning

It's a long weekend here and nice to have that extra day, even if it's for catching up or watching a video that I never got around too. It's super hot here so no big walk for Sakima today, just out in the shade.

For those of you who purchased the Press On course from Marian, please send me your receipt so I can add you to the Zoom call list.

It's going to be held on August 11th and will be at 9am EST. This is to allow for the time difference as Marian is in France.

Expires Tonight: As it's a long weekend here we decided to run a quick sale. This is on a product I did with Maureen Oliver a while back.

It's the huge Christmas Hamper sale and now is the perfect time to get ready for this season.

Use the coupon: XMAS2022 to save $20, expires Monday, Aug 1st @ Midnight EST.

It's Ruth's birthday and instead of doing a birthday bundle, this year she is running a $5 special on 20 of her products. You can pick up each one individually or save big and get the bundle offer.

Birthday Sale – sale lasts until Aug 8th.

New from Kevin Fahey is a set of IM Checklists, this is #56 in the series and it's all about Online Gaming. Use these checklists inside your gaming journals and planners. Or use as a lead magnet.

Details here: Online Gaming

Then for those we feel they are using technology too much there is a new pack out from Justin and Ted. It's all about how and why we should disconnect not just from our devices but from the web and social media. Definitely worth a look.

Disconnect from Technology

Jan has created this one in a Peach Mosaic Design and it's dated for 2023.

You have the option of picking up just the print version, or the digital version. The best option that will save you money is getting the bundle.

See all the options here: Peach Mosaic 2023 Planner – Coupons are listed on the sales page.

We will be adding the new content to our Pretty Printables Club tomorrow morning as it's a holiday here today. You get 2 sets of template packs each month in a modern and vintage scrapbooking style.

Join today and you get to download the July pack as well, hurry before it's removed tomorrow.

Pretty Printables Club

Latest pack in our store: Createful Canva Calendar Collection

Hope you have a fantastic Monday. Just did my first 18 hour fasting period and ready to have some lunch now.

P.S. Adding this to my smoothies next week.

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