No doubt you have seen all the emails about Q4, Black Friday and the Christmas Planner season approaching. As a digital product creator now is the time to start creating and using Christmas PLR.

This is a great time of year to ramp up your sales by creating content that can be used for gifts and holiday planning in general.

Christmas PLR (Private Label Rights) emerges as a content creators delight. Any online marketer can use PLR or Done for You content to their advantage.

PLR offers a unique opportunity, allowing you to tap into ready-made, high-quality Christmas-themed content that can be tailored to your brand and voice, saving you time and effort. Given the surge in online shopping and content consumption during the holiday season, leveraging Christmas PLR can be a game-changer, setting you up to meet the demands of eager holiday enthusiasts.

Christmas PLR Bundle

Types of Christmas PLR:

Digital Christmas Planners:These are interactive planners often used digitally on devices such as tablets or smartphones. Ideal for organizing the holiday season, they help users keep track of gift lists, manage budgets, schedule events, and even plan festive meals. With the right PLR rights, you can customize them to cater to various audiences, from busy parents to holiday party planners.

Christmas Books and Reports with PLR Rights:These could range from eBooks about Christmas traditions around the world to comprehensive reports about holiday shopping trends. With PLR rights, you can rebrand these resources, update their content, and sell or distribute them under your name. They're fantastic for establishing authority in the holiday niche or simply offering added value to your audience.

Christmas Printables:

A favorite among digital content creators and parents, Christmas printables include items like festive coloring pages, holiday-themed worksheets for kids, or even printable gift tags and wrappers. By acquiring PLR rights to these, you can customize, bundle, and offer them as freebies or sell them as unique digital products.

Christmas Calendars:

Advent calendars or simple December planners fall into this category. With PLR rights, you can personalize these calendars, adding your own touch, whether it's daily motivational quotes, holiday tips, or themed artwork. Monthly planners are a big seller and these can be in the form of a simple one page printable or up to 31 days, one page for each day of the month. Just decorate them with Christmas themed clipart and graphics.

Christmas Templates:

These can be a diverse bunch! Think monthly calendars, to do list, daily and weekly planners, goal sheets, brainstorming templates. Also in this category you will find email newsletter templates with festive designs, Christmas card templates ready to be personalized, or even templates for holiday sale banners and promotional materials. With PLR rights, these templates can be adjusted to match brand colors, logos, and more, making holiday promotions a breeze.

Christmas Audio & Video Content:

An often-overlooked category of PLR! This could be festive jingles, audio stories, or even video animations themed around the holidays. Social media managers love using templates to quickly create Christmas marketing campaigns, along with video shorts. Bundle them up to create a Christmas themed digital product bundle.

Christmas Cards with PLR Rights:

Personalized greetings take the festive charm to a whole new level! Christmas cards with PLR rights allow you to customize pre-designed templates, adding your own messages, branding, or even family photos. Whether you're offering them to customers, clients, or simply using them for personal greetings, these cards can be tailored to fit any sentiment or branding. And with the added advantage of PLR, businesses can even resell these personalized cards as unique products to their own clientele.

A popular trend is to create PLR Christmas Cards that can be personalized by the customer. This can be done by creating a fillable PDF. Or by simply giving your customer the Canva template so they can change out certain details.

Christmas Coupons with PLR Rights:

Who doesn't love a good holiday deal? Christmas coupons with PLR rights can be a marketer's dream. Customize these coupon templates with your own deals, discounts, or promotional offers. They can be offered as incentives for purchases, bonuses with other products, or even as part of a holiday giveaway. Moreover, if you're in the business of creating resources for other businesses, these PLR coupon templates can be sold or offered as bonuses to clients, helping them enhance their own holiday promotions.

Don't overlook creating Christmas coupons for teachers to give out as gifts, for children to give to friends, teachers, grandparents, parents and other family members. If your business model includes selling on Teachers Pay Teachers adding this type of content could help increase your sales for the holidays.

PLR Christmas Coupons

Rebranding Christmas PLR

The Importance of Customization:

Here's the thing: while PLR is a useful resource, using it straight ‘out of the box' might not always be the best path to take. Customizing PLR makes it more genuine and aligned with your brand. Imagine unwrapping a Christmas present that feels uniquely chosen for you. That's the feeling your audience should get with your rebranded content.

Steps to Rebrand:

Redesigning Graphics and Visuals: Christmas is all about visuals – twinkling lights, snowy landscapes, and cozy firesides. If your PLR comes with graphics, consider tweaking them to match your brand's colors or aesthetics. Tools like Canva, Affinity or Photoshop can be super handy here.

Tweaking the Content's Voice and Style: Here is where you want to add your brand to the content. Whether your brand voice is fun and playful or elegant and sophisticated, ensure the PLR content reflects that. A simple edit can make a piece feel like it was originally crafted just for your audience.

Adding Personal Touches: Got a funny Christmas anecdote or a family recipe that's been passed down for generations? Weave them in! Personal stories and experiences can make your content more relatable and authentic.

Updating Information: Ensure any statistics, trends, or references in the PLR content are current. If you're using a PLR eBook on Christmas recipes from a few years back, maybe add a section on the latest festive culinary trends.

Rebrand and market your Christmas PLR

Simple Rebranding Tips

The easiest edits to make to your Christmas PLR content is to make small changes.

These include:

  • Changing out the Fonts – replacing fonts is easy to do in both PowerPoint and Canva.
  • Replacing the background graphics or cover pages with your own choices.
  • Changing the theme colors of your Christmas PLR Template.
  • Creating a black and white style of your templates – this helps those who print at home save money on ink.
  • Including things like a cover page, divider page and about page – make sure your customers know how and where to find you again. Don't forget your social media links too.

Marketing Your New Christmas Content:

Social Media Platforms: Picture this: a snippet of your rebranded Christmas PLR eBook shared as an Instagram story with a swipe-up link to the full version. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are fantastic for sharing visual content and reaching a broader audience.

Collaborations: Partner with bloggers or influencers in the Christmas niche. They can provide a fresh perspective on your content or even share it with their followers, amplifying its reach.

Email Marketing: The power of a festive newsletter shouldn't be underestimated! A well-crafted email with highlights from your Christmas PLR content can bring in clicks, engagement, and even sales. Offer sneak peeks, exclusive deals, or simply share the joy of the season through curated content.

Most email companies allow you to create new templates for your emails. Create a Christmas themed one to draw attention to your emails. If you have an Etsy or Shopify store change out your banner to a more festive one for the holidays.

advertise your plr christmas content

Paid Advertising:

If you have the budget for it, you may want to think about running targeted Facebook or Google ads to promote your Christmas PLR products. Highlight special offers, unique selling points, and ensure your ads reach the right demographic for maximum impact.

Collaborative Giveaways & Bundle Events

‘Tis the season of giving, after all! Collaborate with brands or influencers for holiday-themed giveaways. This not only boosts your brand's visibility but also fosters a sense of community and goodwill.

To find these types of events go to Facebook and search for some groups that you can join. Here's one of my favorites.

By now, hopefully you have a better understanding of how you can incorporate Christmas PLR into your business. Use it as a foundation for your products and get busy creating all kinds of Christmas items and gifts.

This could be creating digital plannes, planners, books, reports, printables, Christmas Cards, Christmas Coupons and Gift tag, Christmas themed recipe books and Holiday Memory books. Add your unique touch and you will have customized products that truly belong to your brand.

Remember, the holiday season is all about connections, memories, and shared moments. When you rebrand and promote your Christmas PLR content, it's not just about sales or clicks, but about becoming a cherished part of someone's festive celebrations. So, whether you're sharing a customized Christmas planner or a heartwarming eBook, you're contributing to the Yuletide spirit.

Take a look at my pack of Christmas PLR Coupons to give you a heads start on creating new products this season.

One of my favorite things is to receive messages about how my customers have used my PLR content. By creating a family memory planner, donating printables to under priveledged children and selling planners to raise money for a great cause. This really makes me feel great!

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