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Happy December 1st! Our rain from yesterday changed to snow and we have wind gusts, so it's not particularly nice outside. Christmas Deals are starting and if you don't want to hear about them please click this tag and I will exclude you. I will only email about my products and sales.

We just added new content to the Pretty Printables Club this morning, if you haven't joined you can do so here: Pretty Printables

From what I can see this is available until tomorrow: Creative Fabrica current special. You can get your membership for just $4.99 per month, it's billed once a year at $59. Buy new or upgrade here

I picked up Amasuite 5 from Dave Guindon as I want to do some more affiliate markting on my blog next year. Amasuite

New Christmas Sales

There are currently 2 12 Days of Christmas Sales:

  1. Lynette is running her annual sale and you can find today's deal right here. Day 1 Lynette
  2. Marcy's sale is here. Day One – Use coupon: firstday50save

Becky has teamed up with Andreas to bring you Teen Planner Empire. You will learn about 6 niches that are perfect for this type of content. These are niches that have low competition and lots of buyers.

See that here: Teen Planner Empire

Last Chance for this: Lori is running her Midweek Madness sale. Each week for the next 4 weeks you get to pick up a product at 50% off.

Today is her Vintage Wall Art in PowerPoint training

Use the coupon MIDWEEK22

Alice has a new pack out and it's a Year's Worth of Staying Organized. Use this for blog posts, to create videos as well as reports and journals.

This is a huge niche in the personal growth arena so you can use it in different ways.

Staying Organized – Main Pack

Freebie Offer – see an example here first.

Marcy has a new Cute Christmas Puppypack in her store with 50% off. The pack comes in both Canva and PowerPoint. It's a set of 50 coloring pages. Sell as one pack or break it up into sets.

Use coupon: puppies50save

Sheila just released a new Christmas Bible Verses pack of content and it's on special this week. It's a set of 20 verses in both PowerPoint and Canva.

Christmas Bible

Roxy's new Pregnancy Journal Course is on special prices that ends shortly. She is going to take you through the process of researching this niche to create products for your stores as well as for uploading to Amazon KDP. She is running it on a dime sale, so that means that the price increases slightly after each sale.

Pregnancy Journal Course

Have a wonderful day.


P.S. Missed our last email read it here

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