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Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Our truck has been acting up and of course the warranty just expired. It doesn't want so start so it's probably the battery or alternator. We told them we had issues back in July but of course they couldn't find anything. Off to the dealership shortly to try and get it fixed.

If you remember recently I won a call with a Global Certified Canva Expert, there are very few of them. Brenda is in Canada and we had a great call and I learned some new things about Canva.

She's allowing me to share some of her training programs with you today. Works with a Free account.

Her Canva for Beginners is perfect if you are just starting out. The course includes 3 Modules:

Module 1 Get Started:

  • Choose Your Plan: Free vs Pro
  • The Canva Dashboard
  • The Canva Design Editor
  • How to Create Folders

Module 2 Introduction to Elements:

  • Text
  • Lines & Shapes
  • Graphics & Photos
  • Video & Audio
  • Frames & Grids
  • Tables & Charts

Module 3 Introduction to Templates

  • How to Find & Choose a Template
  • How to Customize a Template
  • How to Resize a Design
  • How to Save & Share a Template
Canva for Beginners

Clean Up Canva

This course has 5 steps:

Step 1: Delete & Archive

Step 2: Review & Rename

Step 3: Plan Your Folders

Step 4: Create Your Folders

Step 5: Batch Organize

Clean Up My Canva

There is also a Bundle Option available that includes 3 of her trainings.

Bundle of Canva Trainings

Bonus: Pick up the bundle of both of the products above and get a 1 hour coaching call with me. We can discuss anything you like on this call. Email me your receipt to schedule the call.

Fran has an absolutely gorgeous set of Mood Trackers available this week, plus they are on sale with $10 off, no coupon required.

Mood Trackers

Here's what's included:

  • 20 Super Simple Mood Trackers – You'll receive 20 30-day simple & flexible mood trackers, perfectly laid out in three sizes: 6×9, 8.5×11 & A4. You'll also get two versions of these trackers: Full colour and non-decorated. This gives you six sets of fully editable PowerPoint files and PDF files
  • 25 Fancy Mood Trackers – You'll also receive 25 30-day fancy mood trackers – these required more work and expertise to build. Again these are perfectly laid out in three sizes: 6×9, 8.5×11 & A4. You'll also get two versions of these trackers: Full colour and non-decorated. This gives you six sets of fully editable PowerPoint files and PDF files
  • PNG Mood Trackers – Fran exported some of the trackers as PNG files (both white fill and no fill) so you can drag & drop them into any project. This makes the bundle even more fun and flexible!
  • All the fonts she used
Mood Tracker Bundle

Self Care is all about taking the time to care for yourself. It's something I have been doing more and more of lately. I always worried that if I took time out from work I would lose or miss out on things. Actually, the opposite is true. I find I am more focused and can get more done.

Let's look at what's going on in the Self Care Niches.

Jenn from Health & Wellness has a free Self Care Planner for you. There is an upsell offer of a huge bundle of products for just $7 as well. I just checked and this is still free for now!

Grab your free planner here

While you are there pick up her Sunday Self Care as well.

As I mentioned taking care of myself is a big priority right now. As someone who works from home and sits down at the computer for extended periods of time, it's important to take care of our health.

You're Invited to My Self Care Bingo Night

How would you like your chance to win $147? That's the top prize in the Self Care Bingo I am hosting next week with my good friend Leah. You can use this to pick up products in my store, or break it down into smaller portions and pick up several items.

There are 3 prizes in total $25, $50 & $147

Register below for the event and also get access to a Self Care Planner – PDF version. It's going to be a fun night where you learn about Self Care, Weight Loss, Gut Detox and more. Hope to see you there.

Click the image to register or use this button:

Register for Our Self Care Bingo Night

Hope you have a wonderful Monday and hope you are getting your week planned out.

P.S. Missed our last email read it here

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