Good Morning

This morning we have been dealing with thunderstorms so it's taking twice as long to get anything done as of course, the internet keeps going out.

Di from PLR Planners is celebrating 4 years in business and is running a 50% off sale in her store until June 4th.

Use coupon: PARTY2022

Shop here: PLR Planners Sale

Dee is also running a store wide sale. P4PLR

This does end tomorrow so be sure to click over and check out her products. Her discount is 45% and use the coupon SUMMER45

Coach Glue is running a Deals of Summer promo that lasts from today until June 13th. Each day a new product gets a huge discount and is available for 24 hours only.

Here's today's Deal – Promo Code 2022 – good for all products.

If you prefer not to check each day they have a super bundle offer available as well.

See the bundle details and don't miss out on any deals. Bundle 

Pick up the complete Bundle and get a 1 hour one on one Zoom call with me. Just did one last week and the customer loved it! Email me your receipt to set up your call.

New today from Kevin Fahey is access to his IM Checklists Gold Membership product. These are great resources that you can use for yourself, use on blog posts and sell to your customers as a PDF.

Here's everything you'll get for just $3.00

Access to 18 IM Checklist Volumes. These sell for $37, which brings the real-world value to $666.

  • Volume 54. 18 Free Traffic Generation Strategies
  • Volume 53. TikTok Marketing (Free & Paid)
  • Volume 52. Financial Management For Small Business Owners
  • Volume 51. Using Crypto Currencies In Your Business
  • Volume 50. Pinterest Ads
  • Volume 49. Domain Flipping
  • Volume 48. Niche Websites
  • Volume 47. Cyber Security
  • Volume 46. Google My Business
  • Volume 45. Improving Email Delivery
  • Volume 44. Bing Ads
  • Volume 43. Tripwire Offers
  • Volume 42. Digital Agency Startup
  • Volume 41. Kindle Publishing Direct & Print On Demand
  • Volume 40. List Engagement
  • Volume 39. Split Testing & Optimization
  • Volume 38. Securing Your Content
  • Volume 37. Consulting

Plus you get 18 new volumes each month. Comes with PLR rights too.

IM Checklists

Holli's trailer video course is still available.

Check it out here: Product Trailers

As a bonus I was thinking of adding a Zoom call where we can discuss all the points of creating this type of content. Purchase both courses to qualify and send me your receipts and I will add you to the call list.

Intro price ending soon. Digital Planners are a huge seller and I want to add lots of them to my new personal use site. Melody of PLRoftheMonthClub creates some wonderful planners and has decided to teach everyone how to create them. Her training will cover selling with PLR rights as well as selling with Personal Use sites. You need to do things a bit differently.

Digital Training – use the coupon INTENSE50 to save.

Hope you have a wonderful day, will schedule a Zoom call shortly as well. Just get these storms out of the way!


P.S. See our line of Simple Templates

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