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I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, we have lots of snow now and will have to keep an eye on the weather for travelling next week.

Would love your feedback on this: I want to do a Business Mastermind group that would run for 3 months mid Jan – April. You would get two Zoom calls a month where we can discuss your business questions, plans, how to's for Amember and more. Any planning spreadsheets that are created would be given to you as well. Calls would be recorded and you can submit your questions in advance. Let me know what you think and if you would like to see anything else offered, thanks.

Nams Daily Deals – Each day David and Jenn are selling one of their products at a deep discount. Today's is all about Product Creation. I don't have this so can't give you an opinion on it, but I have liked all of the products I do have from them.

Last Chance: Roxy is having a sale on her Gratitude and Positive Affirmation bundle. 

Use the coupon GRAT40 to save 40% off until Monday.

New from Bart and Stuart is their Low Content Lift Off product. This is all about publishing books in a low content niche on KDP.

This niche is the Printable Graph Paper Notebooks, it's a great niche and people are making over $4,000 per month with this type of content. Apparently there are tons of types of graph papers!

In this guide, Stuart and Bart will show …

  • How to break into this lucrative market (easy)
  • WHY this market is BOOMING!
  • WHERE to get specialty graph paper templates at very low cost or FREE! (NO graphics skills needed!)
  • How to DRILL DOWN into under-served sub-niches (where the big money is)
  • HOW to target MULTIPLE markets for even BIGGER profits!
  • How to bypass the ‘competition’ by finding and ‘zeroing in on’ on specific sub-niche keywords!
  • And much more!

Low Content Lift Off

Plus get a 26% discount until Dec 31st – use DECSPECIAL

I have known Angela Wills for years and her mom just lives around the corner from us, as much as you can in the country! She helped me get started with my Createful Journals site and gave me the idea of doing my first membership. Definitely someone to follow online.

She has just released a new course: Websites from Scratch

In this course she will take you through all the steps of setting up and adding content to a new website. This is perfect if you have never done this before, or if you want to improve your skills. Another possiblity is creating websites to flip.

If you happen to be part of Angela's Email Practice Club – members get a 25% off. Take a look here – You could join this and still save money on the website course.

Mary Jo from the Coolbean has her Powerful Habits Workbook on sale.

This is the perfect time to add this type of content to your store. Just in time for New Year Resolutions.

Editable in both Canva and PPT, it's available for a short time at the special launch price.

Powerful Habits

We just added new content to the Pretty Printables Club this week, if you haven't joined you can do so here: Pretty Printables

We are also working on a Back Issue page so you can pick up any months that you may have missed at a slightly higher price though.

Last Day: Di and Simone have some new products out today – all coupons are valid until Dec 12th

Pastel Pregnancy Planner

Plus get 20% off – Use this code: PREGO22

Undate Bee Themed Planner Bundle

This was in the Black Friday Mystery Box – Do not purchase if you purchased the Mystery Box.

Available in Print or Digital versions

Plus get 20% off – Use this code: BEEDAILY20

College Planner Bundle – also part of the Mystery Box. Available in Print or Digital versions.

Plus get 20% off – Use this code: STUDY20

12 Days of Christmas Sales:

  1. Lynette is running her annual sale and you can find today's deal right here. Daily Deals and Bundle Option 
  2. Marcy's sale is here. Today's Offer – Use coupon: 12thday50save
  3. Alice is having a 12 Days of Christmas Sale – You can save 70% on each of the Daily Deals by using the coupon 12Days OR you can save 80% on the full bundle with Coupon Code 12DaysBundle.

I hope you have a wonderful start to your week.

All the best.

P.S. Missed our last email read it here

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