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Happy Friday and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did some running around this morning and the stores weren't that crazy busy. Managed to find some new placemats for our table and some leg protectors so the chairs don't scratch the floor.

Be sure to check out my Black Friday sales page. I have listed lots of specials on this page for you.

Black Friday Sale List

My BF Sale: Our Black Friday sale is now live and you can shop all products at 40% off. Use the coupon BLACK40 to get your discount.

The coupon is good on all products and courses and the first month off of both the Monthly Inspirations and Pretty Printables Club.

Yes the coupon can be used multiple times.

Shop Createful Journals Sale

I am trying out an experiment for those of you in Canada and if you would like to join my FB group here please do. It's a group based on finding deals and coupons to save you money while shopping.

Here's a few of my favorite things: This if for personal use but I totally love these Dishcloths. I don't know about you but I always have problems with dischcloths starting to smell after using them a few times. These ones do not! You just have to remember not to put them in the dryer. They also have Beeswax wraps which are great for covering food and dough, as well as wrapping up leftovers.

They are having a Black Friday sale and ship from Vancouver Island: Made in Canada Dishcloths

If you are looking for a new microphone I have a Blue Yeti that I have been really happy with. It's on sale for Black Friday as well.

I have been looking for a tripod for my phone so I can take videos of myself working on my computer as well as recording myself in the kitchen and other places. It came highly recommended to me as well.

Di & Simone Heuser have a Mystery Box for Black Friday. The value of the pack is worth $429 and you get it for a fraction of that. But you don't know what's in the box. There are clues on the sales page. Plus you get a $50 coupon to use in their store. All of the items in the mystery box are brand new! If you take the coupon into account you are getting all of this for under $50.

Mystery Box

This week I spent time going back through some Etsy courses I have and started doing some rebranding on one of my stores. One of the courses I have taken recently is Karen's from Planners to Profits Course.

Right now Karen is offering a 50% discount on the course over Black Friday.

Use the coupon: SAVEBIG to get the discount.

Planners to Profits

Sashas 40% off Sale:

Sasha is running an early Black Friday sale on all of her products.

Use the coupon: BLACK40

Take a look at her full selection here: Products and Courses

Niranjan and Bings are doing an early release for their next software product. While you don't get access to the product yet, you do secure a low price for it.

The product is all about creating word search puzzles inside shapes. I saw an example of one inside of a bear. The product will be released on Feb 16th/ 2023.

Take a look here and if you know their products this is going to be a great way to secure the lowest price possible when it's launched.

Word Search Puzzles

Hope you have a wondeful day.


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