We are coming to the last few days of our 12 Days of Gratitude Journal Challenge. Today, Day 9 is about Surprise Gifts, who doesn't love to get a surprise gift. Plus it can make your day to give those that you care about surprise gifts. But then there are those surprise gifts that come for a totally unexpected yet delightful source. For today these are the type of surprise gifts we are going to talk about.

You can find Day 8 of this journal challenge right here.

When we think of surprise gifts, maybe something material comes to mind, like a certificate for a therapeutic massage. This is a nice present, no doubt. But it's not the kind of gift we're referring to in this gratitude exercise.

What might be some good examples of a surprise gift to be grateful for, or a kiss from the universe?

  1. A kind gesture that someone offered you. Maybe it's a paid-for treat from a stranger at a coffee shop, or someone offering to give up their parking spot at a time when you were running late for an appointment.
  2. A listening ear and bit of good advice from a person you only know only casually. It could be someone who works for your child's school, or an acquaintance you've chatted with at the grocery store.
  3. Some children from the neighborhood who show up offering to do a housework or yard cleanup, on a day when you can really use the help.
  4. A kind compliment paid by a stranger. Or even a kind compliment paid by your husband or wife!
  5. A ride to the hospital from a coworker.
  6. A “kiss from the universe is cause for celebration, and that's what being grateful is all about.

Exercise 9: Count Up Your Kisses from the Universe

Journal Tip: Make a journal entry or just a list of the following surprise gifts. 

  1. Make a list of all the little ways people brightened your days with their thoughtful and unexpected gestures, no matter how small.
  2. Maybe it's even something so subtle as a glance of understanding during a tense moment.
  3. It could even be a hug from someone you barely know.

Those little gestures really go a long way to make us feel special and loved by the people around us.

When was the last time you received an unexpected gift, a surprise kiss from the universe, or a “paid forward” unsolicited act of kindness?

Even though some days may seem like a struggle of long lines at the store or being stuck on hold with customer service… there's still so much to be grateful for. So count up your kisses and your surprise gifts. How many kind gestures were bestowed upon you this week?

We really hope that you have been enjoying this days of gratitude challenge. Once you have completed today’s journal exercise feel free to leave a comment below, or come and join in the conversation on our Facebook Page.


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