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Up early today working on a few new things and trying to get something ready for next week. Definitely need to stay focused today.

Latest in our store:

Our Family Planner

 90 Day Growth Plan

Pretty Printables Club 

New today from Maureen: I love it when Maureen creates new items and this time she has created a wonderul Printable Pregnancy Planner.

It's a 59 page planner that comes with a pack of 12 Printable Baby Games, these are a great seller on Etsy. She also gives you a pack of cute graphics to help enhance your planners.

As a bonus I am working on some additional keywords that will be relatively easy to rank for. I will send them to you as a Spreadsheet. Just email me your reciept, thanks.

Printable Pregnancy Planner

Printable Pregnancy Planner

Becky: AI Christmas Printables, this is a new Mastermind that Becky is going to teach and now is the time to start getting your holiday items into your store.

You will learn how to create 10 different kid’s activities, coloring pages, patterns/digital papers, and stickers/clipart all with the power of AI.

AI Christmas Printables 

Save $100 with the Coupon: AIChristmas27

New from Little Raindrops: Spooky Self Care pack that comes in both PowerPoint and Canva templates.

This pack is a Kids Challenge with a Halloween theme. Be sure to check out her other products while at the store.

Spooky Self Care

Use the coupon: SPOOKY40 to save 40%

Digital Smartphone Planner:

Jan from Simple Happiness has a new 2024 Smartphone Digital Planner set out and it's currently on sale.

What I love about Jan's products is that she includes instructions on how to edit and use them. This one comes as a PowerPoint template with instructions. On the checkout page there is an Add On of 7 Covers and an upsell of a Seller's Kit. I recommend you get both and the seller's kit is super useful for knowing how to package and deliver it to your customers.

2024 Digital Planner 

Buy both the add on and upsell and this qualifies for our new Mystery Bonus pack this month, we are just finishing it up. Would love to know if you like the 'Mystery' aspect or would prefer to know what it is?

Fully Hyperlinked 2024 Digital Planner for your Phone

Frugal Living: This is a new pack from Michelle and covers a popular topic. Here's what's included for you:

Included in The Journal

Belongs To
Simple Money Saving Tips
Electric Bill Saving Tips
Budget Planner Insert
Brainstorm Budget Cuts
List of All Expenses
January-December Calendars
January-December Budget Planner
Meal Planner Insert
Weekly Meal Planner
Grocery List
30 Day Spend Freeze Challenge Insert
30 Day Spend Freeze Challenge
30 Day How Did You Do?
Savings Insert
Savings Tracker
Find The Best Deals Insert
Things To Buy This Year
Comparison Shopping
Christmas Gift List
Notes 3x

Use the coupon: FRUGAL to get 50% off until Aug 13th.

Frugal Living

One More Day for Current Savings: PLR Planners have a new pack in their store and this is on the topic of Anger Management Journal.

It's available in the following versions:

Bundle Version:

Includes a PowerPoint Print Planner in 3 sizes, PowerPoint GoodNotes & OneNote Layout Planners with linked tabs, 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG), 10 Print Covers (JPG), 20 Color Coordinated Digital Papers 12×12 (PNG), and over 200 matching stickers (PNG).

Print Planner:

Receive a beautifully designed print version of the Anger Management Journal PLR Planner, available in three sizes, along with 10 Print Covers (JPG).

Digital Planner:

Access the planner with our PowerPoint GoodNotes & OneNote Layout Planners, featuring linked tabs, and 10 Digital Interior and Front Covers (PNG).

Plus get 20% Off
Use this code: ANGER20
Valid till the 11th of August 2023

Anger Management Journal

This qualifies for our new Mystery Bonus pack this month, we are just finishing it up. Please email me your receipt, thanks.

More from Marcy! If you want to learn even more about creating printables using Midjourney she has a new mastermind club out with an early bird pricing.

It is the Creative Midjourney Club

Coupon code is midjourneyclub15

Good until August 17th.

New: Midjourney Masterminds for Children's Printables 101!

Coupon code is midj50

You get the recordings of the live Zoom classes, a beginner's guide to Midjourney and MRR to whatever is made in the class. On sale until August 14th.

Plus she has: Midjourney Mastermind for Holiday Printables

Midjourney Mastermind for Holiday Printables 101

Learn to make festive clipart with Midjourney!

Coupon code is half off

I hope you have a wonderful day and can enjoy some sunshine.


P.S. Get 40 Etsy Listing Credits for your new shop here

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