Good Morning

We managed to get a nice walk in yesterday and the lake was so nice and calm. Today our new lawn mower is due to arrive, it was nice not cutting the grass last year but way too expensive to have it done regularly.

New Bonus Idea: I am going to be testing out a new bonus idea and that is it's going to be a mystery! Each month I will create something new and use it as a bonus. It could be a planner, checklist, research guide or quick template. It will be available for certain products and the first one will be finished this week. I will let you know which products it applies to. Any thoughts/comments just hit reply and let me know.

Here's the link for our Zoom Call this Wednesday at 11am EST:

New Today!

Michelle Watson is running a sale on her popular One Note Course with a $50 discount. She has a great style of teaching and I took her Notion course which was super helpful. She breaks everything down into easy to follow sections.

Plus if you purchase before Friday May 12th at Midnight you get these additional bonuses.

  • Access to an exclusive Q&A with Michelle in early June 2023
  • Bonus Customer Support Handbook so that you can respond to Etsy customer enquiries with confidence.

One Note Course

Mystery Bonus applies to this - email me your receipt.

Cindy Bidar is running a sale on her Quick and Easy Course Creation product. I love this course and often refer back to it myself.

You are going to learn every single step you need to take to plan out, research, outline, write, design and record everything you need for your courses.

Quick and Easy Courses

SHOWME saves $60 Until Sunday May 14th at Midnight.

Mystery Bonus applies to this - email me your receipt.

Julie Coffman released a new course. One Page Money Makers and I did get review access and went through the course yesterday and this morning.

In the course Julie talks about how to quickly create one page printables that you can sell in your stores. She talks about mindset, gives you a list of 100 printable ideas and walks you through her research methods.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and highly recommend it. I will be putting these prinicples into action for my Etsy store this week.

My Bonus: Select any 4 packs of my Simple Templates as a bonus. You will receive a special coupon code to redeem inside W+. These will really help speed up your creation time.

Here's all the details: One Page Money makers

Shannon needs to take Mozzie to the vet for dental treatment and it' super expensive! I know how much we have spent on Sakima over the last year alone. To help pay she is opening her PLR store for a few days and running a sale.

Get 25% off with the coupon: SMILE25 from today until May 14th

Mozzie Sale

I created a handy Notion Bundle/Giveaway Tracker and this will help you keep track of all those bundles you have submitted too, along with tracking your results.

I have put this in my Etsy store as it's a personal use product.

See it here: Notion Bundle Tracker

There's a video walkthrough here: 

Marcy has a new Scene Creator Pack out and this one is based on Father's Day.

Scene Creator

50% off Coupon code is fathersday50 - good until May 15th

Have a wonderful Tuesday, tomorrow we are releasing a set of ADHD Planners in the store, it's a set of 3 planners aimed at Adults, Teens and Juniors.


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