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So far it's turned out to be a gorgeous day here, the sun is shining and we just got back from a nice walk in the park. I took some great photos that I will turn into a video, something neat we saw.

One of the questions today was about email and sequences, so I wanted to share one of my most loved resources for actually writing and creating them.

Liz Wilcox runs a great monthly membership for just $9 a month. Three times a year she offers it with a yearly discount. The next one is coming up on March 20th.

The added bonus of getting the yearly offer is additonal access to all the products she creates during the year. If you want to improve your email game and your business sequences then definitely get on the wait list so you don't miss out.

She currently has over 100 templates that you can use and many of them come with examples on how to put them into use.

Email Wait List

If you prefer the monthly option take a look here: Liz Monthly

More email goodness from Cindy, she has updated her Email Marketing Momentum course and you can get it with a $60 discount this week. I totally love and recommend all of her courses.

Take a peek here: Email Marketing

Promo code MOMENTUM saves $60 until 11:59 PM Eastern on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Alice and Yusef have a brand new course out today. Simple Course Creation with the Power of Printables. It's all about getting paid before you create products.

Take a look here: Simple Course Creation

Here's some great freebies from them as well.

"Get Paid Before You Create Your Printables" Free Report 

FULL INTERVIEW: 12 Lessons Learned after Millions of Dollars in Courses & Printables Sold 

The Power of Easy-to-Create Printables to Boost the Value of Your Info Products and Coaching Programs Report

"How to Beat Procrastination and Make a Better Product That Sells Like Crazy"

Mary jo from Cool Bean has a new planner out. A women's health planner that includes 38 pages and she has it priced at a steal. Under $15.

Check it out here: Women's Health Planner

Plus Roxy has a new Digital Fitness Planner out that would work well with the above product.

Amy Harrop is running a sale on her EDU Printables Course. 

EDU Printable Decor Made Easy reveals how to quickly sell these highly in-demand digital classroom decor printables...No experience needed! These printables require little to no research or writing...and they sell easily on multiple marketplaces as digital downloads...expand beyond Etsy to Teachers Pay Teachers and more!

Plus you can save $10 with the coupon: DECOR10 - good until Mar 15th

Marcy has opened a new membership: Printables Business Academy

In this members only group, she wants to teach others to reach where she is at without hitting all of the roadblocks that she has hit on her journey to replacing her full time income plus! She has turned a side hustle to a full-time income in less than 6 months!

See all the details here

Latest Products in our store:

Mini Pregnancy Planner

Decluttering Simple Template

More Video Training: Mark Hess has released his Effortless Video Training on W+, if you didn't pick it up earlier when it was first released. He shows you how to use free tools to create vertical desktop videos quickly and easily.

Effortless Video Training

Here's my video on how to apply this to record your Etsy products quickly. Etsy Workaround

Michelle is running a 50% off sale on her store this month. I just read that Michelle's house sustained damage in a tornado this weekend, she lost a ton of shingles off her roof! She has some great craft related items as well as homesteading packs which sell well on Etsy and KDP.

PLR Niche

50% Off With Coupon Code: CRAFT50 - Applies to all packs.

Lori has a new Self Love journal out today. It comes with prompts and in both Canva and PowerPoint versions.

Self Love - save $20 with SELFLOVE

Still available if you haven't checked it out yet: SelfPublishing Titans

Affinity Training: Creating a Sunset Graphic and Create a Habit Tracker in Affinity

Hope you have a wonderful day off to enjoy some sunshine.

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