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The weather here is gorgeous for a few more days and it's so tempting to just get outdoors. Shortly, I had to get a few things done this morning. Heard back from my tax accountant and I actually get a refund this year which is a nice change.

Today Carmen has released some new Mockups that we can use for our products. These are a great time saver and it's always nice to try and have some fresh looks.

These ones have that nice curved look that are perfect for journals and magazines. I picked up one template a few weeks ago for my KDP book and it cost as much as this entire package. I grabbed it this morning along with her upsell of layouts for Spreadsheets.

Take a look at the link below, while they are on sale.

30 Mockups for Journals

Use coupon: MOCKUP19 to save on the pack. Expires April 18th

We are just about to upload the May content pack to our Monthly Inspiration Members. If you aren't a member join today and get the April pack for free. Join here

More Mockups: New from Sasha is a set of 50 Mockups to use for your products. These are Elegant mockups and include 10 diferent types of mockups for your products. I know just yesterday I was looking for some different mockups and creating your own takes a bit of time. They are on sale now until April 30th at under $20.

Elegant Mockups

I have been looking for new ways to create fillable forms. On my search I discovered that there is a way to fill out forms with Microsoft Edge. You can't create them just fill out with basic text, highlight and draw lines/shapes with your mouse.

I created a May 2023 Calendar to demonstrate on how to use this and listed it in my Esty store. I priced it super low so you can check it out if you like. I have included an instructional video in the pack as well.

This could be a great option to add to our listings and help them stand out. I would use this for simple forms, to do lists, appointment charts, anything where basic fonts are required.

May 2023 Calendar

Roxy has two new health related planners out today. Both are on sale until April 20th with the coupons below.

Fitness Planner - 27 Page Canva Template

coupon FITNESS50

Weight Loss Journal - 22 Page Canva Template

coupon WEIGHT50

The folks at Infostack are running a 3 Day Book Profits Accelerator Summit. 

Tom and Cary, plus some world-class expert guest speakers, will give you a step-by-step blueprint to:

Stand out in a crowded market with a captivating author brand so that you’ll be discoverable, memorable, and most of all -- referrable
Increase success by using up-to-date marketing techniques that get your book into the hands of hungry new readers, predictably
10x book sales without having to become a full-time Tik-Toker or having to shamelessly huck your books to friends and family
Grow your revenue faster that on your own
Avoid burnout with scalable systems

Still available from Kate Riley is her Mighty Prompts product.

You can use this to create outlines, product descriptions as well as content ideas for your books and printables. I used it to get an outline for a new product and it was super helpful.

Mighty Prompts

Mary Jo has a Beyond Your Comfort Zone Workbook out and it's on sale right now. This looks like a great topic and you can also pick up her 5 Day Challenge that is related to this.

Beyond Your Comfort Zone Workbook - No Coupon required

Dvorah is running some new Spring Sales which change out each week. You can pick your bundle and the more you add the bigger your discount gets. No coupon is required as the discount will be applied automatically.

This week's offer is here: Spring Sale

Dama Jue has a new training, super affordable, on how to use Google Docs to create your workbooks and leadmagnets and then share them with your customers and students. This eliminates the need of turning things into PDF's.

On Brand Fillable Workbooks 

Marcy has another new pack out as well.

DFY Boho Pregnancy Planner PLR

Coupon code is mommy50save through April 24th

We had a great walk yesterday at the park and it was hot, 29C. Sakima took his first good paddle of the year, he doesn't take his paws off the ground very often.

Have a creative day!

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