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So of course it always helps to actually hit the send button on your email! Got super busy yesterday with putting the finishing touches to our new 2024 Calendar Bundle coming out this week and to our next Meet the Action Takers Mini Bundle.

Our Zoom call is tomorrow Wednesday June 14th at 11am EST.

Join here and bring your questions:

Our latest products in the store:

Scavenger Hunt bundle comprises of 7 different types of Scavenger Hunts. You could sell this individually and/or bundle them up.

Comes in Canva and PowerPoint versions and they are on sale until Friday June 16th.

Scavenger Hunt Bundle - Coupon SCAVENGER makes the price $9

Scavenger Hunt BIG Bundle_wordpress

Then we have our Summer Bucket List pack, also $9 with the coupon code SUMMER

Comes in both Canva and PowerPoint versions, edit with your favorite tool.

Summer Bucket Lists

Amy Harrop is launching a new product today. I did get a review copy and I have enjoyed what I have gone through so far. Amy puts out quality training and products so you won't be disappointed.

Here's what's included for you today:

  • 80+ Page Guide
  • 2023 DFY Social Media Content Calendar Spreadsheet
  • Tips to Write Bestselling Product Listings
  • Make More Sales With Free Content
  • 17 DFY Pinterest Templates
  • BONUS: Everything You Need to Know About Landing Pages
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Selling Digital Products

Printable Sales Made Easy 

The introductory sale price ends June 19th.

Pick up the main offer and the first upsell to qualify for the Mystery Bonus. Email me your receipts.

Maryjo from Cool Bean has her Coping with Emotions workbook out and it's on sale.

The workbook is meant to help you with:

-Identifying emotions
-Developing coping strategies
-Cultivating self-awareness
-Encouraging a balanced mindset

Coping with Emotions

Save $25 off the regular price with coupon code EMOTIONS12 from now through June 19.

Don't forget to pick up your gifts from the Boost Your Business Bundle.

I contributed my Affirmation Template to this bundle which is actually free and gives you access to 200 products. Your download date is July 14th. There is an option of picking up the Premium bundle as well. If you do, you get my Mystery Pack for June as an additional gift as well as a one on one Zoom call. Just email me your receipt and we will set up a time to chat.

Some of the products I am interested in are:

Magentic Marketing with Chat GPT
Easy Implementation Canva Success from Amy Harrop
Digital Products Ideas book
Digital Product Library for Notion

There's definitely tons to choose from for both personal and business development.

Grab your free gifts here: Boost Your Business Bundle - free access goes away on June 15th!

Fillable PDFs are really popular on Etsy and Sasha has just released an Advanced Course on this topic. Plus it's on sale right now too.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Create a form that can reset
  • Understand, and add Javascript, to your product
  • Embed fonts into a PDF so that the user doesn't need to have the same fonts on their computer to use the product
  • Apply all of these techniques to create a hand lettering worksheet for kids (this is a SUPER popular product on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers)

Advanced Fillable PDF

If you don't have Sasha's first course you can find that here, it comes with Commercial Use Canva Templates for you as well.

Fillable PDFs

I picked up this 5 Star Review Plugin, a big shout out to Maureen for letting me know about it. It looks promising and I got the multiple site license so I can put it on my blog as well.

Take a look here: 5 Star Review Plugin

New from Virginnie her Nursery Designs images and these also come with MRR, so you can use them for products in your PLR store. These are super cute and can be used for a variety of products.

Nursery Designs 

NUBAPA50 saves 50% Off until June 19th

I finally added my Notion Life Planner to my Esty store this week. It's a full planner that you can customize as you wish. Let me know if you are interested in PLR rights to this.

Michelle has an awesome new Home Canning pack out as well. This is a great trend and you can bundle this with a variety of products. Or put it on a Home Steading/Family blog and link to affiliate products and goods.

The planner comes with 31 unique pages! It comes in the popular 8 1/2" x 11" size with the editable PowerPoint File and Canva Template. Along with PDF File, and Font Files, all with Commercial Use Rights.

Belongs To
Canning Pantry Staples
To Do List
Items Needed For Home Canning
Beginner Vs Pro Canning
Different Foods To Can At Home
Brainstorm Page
Home Canning Supply List
Canning Planner Sheet
Canning Schedule Fruits and Veggies
Summer Canning Shopping List
Monthly Blank
Month To Do List
Fall Canning Shopping List
Winter Canning Shopping List
Canning Inventory
Frozen Inventory
Dehydrated Inventory
Equipment Inventory
Supplies Inventory
Canning Journal Insert
Annual Preserving Calendar
Canning Journal Notes
Strawberry Jam Recipe
Dill Pickle Recipe
Canning Recipe Blank
Canning Journal Lined
Canning Notes
Notes Lined
Round Label

Home Canning

Get 50% Off With Coupon Code: CANNING

From Marcy:

Baby Dino & Friends Go Back To School Coloring Pack

Coupon code is dino50school saving 50% off until June 25th

I hope you have a wonderful day.


P.S. Get 40 Etsy Listing Credits for your new shop here

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