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Happy Friday, got a later start today as the guys went ice fishing and I had to drive them down to the lake. It's hard to find parking, they are out catching perch.

Yesterday after cleaning up all the snow up, the sun came out and it was gorgeous. We ended up putting our dinner on the BBQ instead of in the oven. Only in Canada do we do these things once the weather is cleared up!!

Today we have put a fun new Simple Template in the store. Pet Rabbit Care - use these templates to create some fun printables to help celebrate the Year of the Rabbit! They come in 3 different sizes and in black and white so you can add your own touches to them.

Pick them up here for just $7

Pet Rabbit Guide Simple Templates_Wordpress

Holli is having a mini training session on February 4 and replays will be available. This training is all about getting traffic back to your products and websites. Holli will show us 5 different ways to market without feeling salesy.

I signed up all ready, it's under $10! Hope you will join me too.

Creative Marketing Mini Workshop

Lynette has a new product out all about setting boundaries. This pack contains worksheets that help customers identify their limits and learning how stand up for themselves.

Setting Boundaries

or get your Flex Pass (available until Jan 31st) and get this product that way. Definitely cheaper and if you love Lynette's content and plan on getting more of her products, you will save in the long run.

Ruth has launched her New Year New Habits Bundle. You get over 40 products for one price. The total value of this bundle is over $1600. The products have been divided up into both Personal and Commercial Use sections. As well these have been categorized into Mindset, Journaling and Self Care.

I added a bundle of my Journal Inspiration Templates and Prompts into the pack. These alone are worth over $47.

Take a look below, and remember while there are tons of great products you can select just the ones you want to download. Even just two or three downloads are worth more than the cost of the bundle alone.

New Year New Habits 

My Bonus: Pick this up via my link and get a $37 coupon to spend at my store. Bonus is available on Ruth's store in your download area.

Shawn has a new Flower Power 30 Day Kindness Journal out. You can pick up just the print version or buy both the print and digital version at a discount, and actually you save more that way. What I really love about Shawn's products is that she is going to show you how to customize the journals as well. There are lots of ways to use a 30 day planner.

Take a look using the link below, it's a gorgeous design, but we know we will need to edit it too.

Flower Power - the coupons are on the sales page for whichever version you decide to buy. I picked up the bundle option.

Stuart and Bart have released their Etsy Infomania course. The did a private release of this to their customers in December and I picked this course up. I also picked up all the upsells for this one. I can say that I love this course and the concept of it, and have been putting into practice.

It's all about creating info products to sell on Etsy and they go in depth into how to do the research, what to look for and you even get some great suggestions from them.

My Bonus: This type of product lends itself to giving out Fillable PDF's as well as printables or short ebooks. So I will run a webinar where I show you how to create a fillable PDF. We will lay it out in PowerPoint and then create the PDF file.

After purchase you will recieve a link to register for the webinar training and the replay. Plus everyone will receive a copy of the PowerPoint template and the fillable PDF. The training will be on Jan 30th at 11am EST. I will be sending out the Zoom link for the webinar for Monday this afternoon and will send reminders over the weekend.

The price has been discounted until January 29th when it will almost double. See all the details below:

Etsy Infomania 

One More Day: As you know I am a huge fan on Cindy Bidar and her training products. Today she is giving out access to her new Course Creation Training and it's on Early Bird Pricing.

This is a live course that she is teaching and it begins on Feb 1st and lasts for 4 weeks. Plus Cindy is offering a fantastic bonus for anyone who finishes the course before March 10. A video review of your course, this is going to be super value.

Course Creation Training this price will increase by $50 Jan 28th.

Are you working on building your list? Convert Kit has a free 30 day list building challenge that you can join. You get tips along the way to help you build your list, or increase it. I have used Convert Kit for several years now and have been happy with them.

Build with Convert Kit

Shannon has decided to close her PLR store at the end of this month and is running a 50% off sale. You also have the option of picking up a Commercial Use license so this could be a great way to stock your stores with content.

See her packs here: Store Closing and use the coupon CLOSE23

Valentine's Day Content

Sheila has some Love Makes the World Go Around in both clip art and line art formats.

See the clip art here and the line art versions here

Marcy is having a birthday sale to celebrate her husband's birthday.

Go shopping here and save with coupon: birthday60save

More Valentine items on sale from Ruth. She has 5 packs available in her store right now. Use the link below and click on the Red Shop Now button to get to the sales.

Valentine Sales - save 25% until Jan 31st. Coupon: LOVE23

Have an absolutely awesome day!

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