Daily Life Journals & Planners
Includes Commercial Rights

Special Introductory Pricing in Effect Until September 22nd

Brought to You by Sue Fleckenstein & Jennifer Andersen 

Journals & Planners are a hot commodity and with Christmas and New Year's just around the corner, now is the time to start creating your own journal & planner empire.  

Join Jenn and myself, Sue in this brand new launch of our Daily Life Journals & Planners.  

Introductory pricing for the first 4 days only!

50% Commissions on both the Front End & Upsell Offer 

Front End - Daily Life Journals & Planners Reports & Articles

FE - $17 / 50% commission - Price increasing to $27 after 4 days

The Front end offer consists of reports and articles written by Jenn. 

Here's what your customer's will receive: 

1. Report - Capturing Moments with a Daily Journal
Report Topics - 9 pages, 5 sections, 2,543 words

Benefits of Having a Daily Journal
Ways to Use a Journal Every Day
Recording Memories and Moments with Your Journal
Why You Should Meditate Before Journaling
How to Kickstart Your Journaling Routine

2. Report-  How to Start Your First Daily Life Planner -
8 pages, 4 sections, 2,518 words

1. Why Use a Daily Planner?
2. What to Track in Your Daily Planner
3. Creating a Daily Planner Routine
4. Tips for Setting Up Your First Planner

3. Ecovers for both Reports + PSD files

4. Set of Articles

  1. How to Organize Your Life with a Planner (670 words)
  2. Benefits to Keeping a Daily Planner (723 words)
  3. Find Solutions to Your Problems with a Daily Planner (534 words)
  4. Manifest Your Dreams and Goals with a Journal (597 words)
  5. How to Harness Creativity with a Journal (614 words)
  6. Simple Way to Create a Daily Planner and Journaling Routine (614 words)
  7. Creating New Healthy Habits with Your Planner (682 words)
  8. How Setting Goals Can Change Your Life (662 words)
  9. Add More Happiness and Fulfillment to Your Life with a Planner (708 words)
  10. Use a Journal for New Self-Care Habits (551 words)

5. Set of email follow ups for both reports

Daily Journaling Email Follow-Ups

  1. Tips for Finding the Motivation to Journal Every Day (286 words)
  2. The Best Types of Journals for a Daily Journal (268 words)
  3. How Journaling Can Be a Meaningful Experience (267 words)
  4. Why Should You Record Your Daily Life? (255 words)
  5. Journaling with Mindfulness Meditation (271 words)

Daily Life Planner Email Follow-Ups

  1. Use the SMART Goals Method (219 words)
  2. How to Make Your Daily Planner Routine Effective (288 words)
  3.  Why Use Printables for Your Planner? (253 words)
  4. 3 Benefits of a Morning Planner Routine (283 words)
  5. Tips for Using a Planner and Journal Together (237 words)

6. Family Journals - 6 x 9 Created In PowerPoint - 163 pages

7. Kids Journal - 6 x 9 Created in PowerPoint - 163 pages

8. Ecovers for both Journals with PSD files 

Full Commercial Rights are included. 

Covers for the Reports - Come in 4 different styles + PSD Files 

Covers for the Journals - Come in 2 different styles + PSD Files 

Upsell Offer  - Daily Life Planner 

FE - $27 / 50% commission - Price increasing to $47 after 4 days

Once your customers have purchased the main offer they will be directed to our perfectly matched upsell offer. 

This offer includes a full Daily Life Planner created in PowerPoint with images & page dividers in place. 

It's created as a 8.5 x 11 inch planner so it can be printed on full pages at home or can be published online at any of the popular publishing sites. 

Also includes;  5 Social Media Posters, 10 'this planner belongs to' images & 35 tips that match the content headings in the planner. 

Full commercial rights are included. 

Daily Life Planner - 200 pages ready to use

The Daily Life Planner comes with a ready to use Ecover + PSD Files. 

We also include a ready to use Ecover template as a PowerPoint file. Simply save as a PDF to upload to online publishing sites. 

The planner comes in a beautiful full color version as well as a grey-scale one. 

Here's a closer look at some of the pages.

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We look forward to having you on board!