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I had a few people ask about the coupon for the Biz Traning Mastermind so I have decided to extend it to 10.30am this morning. Classes start at 11am EST.

So if you would like to join you can.

This is going to be run on Zoom starting tomorrow Wednesday Jan 11th and runs once every two weeks and ends on April 5th.

Calls will be recorded and added to your members area. The content will be available to you as long as you keep your account on Createful Journals. The survey link is inside your members area, if you don't find it just email me for the link.

Students will have the chance to submit questions before the calls if you can't attend in person.

Topics I plan on including, these are not limited and may change after feedback from students. I am getting some great questions and suggestions so this is really going to turn into a great business training, we may even add another session or two at no cost!

1. Goal Setting & Planning
2. Store setup - Amember/Esty/Website
3. Setting up for a successful launch
4. Affiliate Marketing and Program tips
5. Video Creation Tips
6. Tools I use and general Q/A

It's also on sale until Jan 10th and you can save $10 off the regular price. It's going to be a lot of fun and I do hope you will join me!

See details here: 2023 Biz Planning Mastermind

Hope to see you there. I will send out my regular newsletter later on.

All the best.

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