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Today is our son's Matt birthday and it's also the day he received his discharge notice from the army, he is gone on Dec 1st. They are coming to visit soon and we will chat about plans and what they are going to do. Buying a house here is crazy the prizes are through the roof. We still have a feeling they will move down to El Paso where Tabby's dad and sisters are. Not sure what to think but will see.

Here's a bunch of freebies for you.

I recently met Nicole Batey on line and love what she is doing and this includes running a huge bundle giveaway, that's no cost to you. You have the chance to download a ton of products that can help you build your audience. I contributed my Wellness Planner to the bundle, and there's lots of trainings as well as some templates in there.

Definitely take a look and pick up what interests you.

Audience Building Bundle

Enjoy your day, my brain is going in a million directions right now so going to go outside and enjoy some sunshine.

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